Jerkatron 22's sleek new design has some economists concerned

New Jersey
Friday, November 19, 2021 4:48 AM
Not only does Jerkatron 22 stimulate the male genitals better than any woman could it gives a decent backrub and cooks a wide variety of dishes as well. Many economists worry that housewives and hookers will be obsolete by the end of next year. Still others worry that if human cloning takes off woman will have no function at all. Meanwhile I am continuing to pay for couples therapy for no discernable reason.


  • Call.Me.Ishmael
    3 years ago
    Willy said "Meanwhile I am continuing to pay for couples therapy for no discernable reason." [view link] I'm pretty sure that the reasons are discernable.
    3 years ago
    AI is threatenining our workforce!
  • Studme53
    3 years ago
    Hilarious - thanks for that link Ishmael and the slice of life Willy. Good stuff. I love the use of adjective “cunty”. Paulie Walnuts like that one and used it well.
  • shailynn
    3 years ago
    To this day when I meet someone named Paul and if the moment is appropriate I will refer to him as Pauly Walnuts. Less than half the dudes get it. I’m like WTF!?!? If I’ve met 50 Pauls in my life 47 of them were catholic. How can you be catholic and not know Pauly Walnuts?
  • jackslash
    3 years ago
    The Orgasmatron: [view link]
  • ilbbaicnl
    3 years ago
    Seems like there are many bleak predictions about the future of sex: [view link]
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