7-Up Factory
Any sizeable club where ALL dancers are 7-ish and Up
Air Dance
A lap dance with no contact between the dancer and the customer. Could be due to local laws, a ROB-ish stripper, or a customer that smells bad.
All Time Favorite - a patron's favorite dancer. Also see PL.
Another term a dancer uses for a PL, a customer who will always dispense money when she wants to make a withdrawal.
Bare Back Blow Job. A blowjob without a condom.
Bare Back Full Service, sex without a condom
Blow job, fellatio
Bird Dog
A bouncer that watches over the private dance room.
Blue Light Shoppers
Cheap guys who come in and wait for the two-for-one dance specials, and might nurse a drink all night long.
Boobie Bashing
Smothering your face in her boobs in order for her to retrieve a tip you have placed in your mouth. Another name for the Stevie Wonder.
Low paid male strip club employees who maintain order in the club and make sure the club's rules don't get broken.
A restaurant that has women in attractive outfits serve the food. There's no sexual contact between the customer and employees.
A club or business with sexual services where the club or pimp gets a percentage of what the dancers make. Not to be confused with a Gentlemen's Club where the dancers pay a house fee and get to keep all the money they make.
Current Fave
Clip Joint
A club that rips off its customers promising sex or extras for a high fee and then not delivering. The club version of a ROB.
Paying up front for the promise of extras only to be told that you can't have extras once you get to the VIP room.
Cock-Block / Clam-Jam
When ever a dancer that you don't want to sit with you does so and she won't leave, she's cock-blocking / clam-jamming you. It prohibits you from getting the dancer that you do want to come over. It can be a PL's worst nightmare. Definitely in the top 5 annoyances that most mongers deal with during club visits.
City of Industry. A city east of Los Angeles, CA, known for its strip clubs.
Dining At The Y. Cunilingus. Eating Pussy.
Deep French Kiss
Disc Jockey. The guy who plays the music in the club who mumbles everything he says into the mic. Good place to start when you're looking for a specific dancer.
Dream Stripper
Some form of genital stimulation or straight up prostitution, done within a stripclub with at least the tacit permission of management within certain limits. Usually done with your pants down, extras are classified as HJ (hand jobs), BJ (blowjobs), FS (full service), and anal.
Fingers in Vagina.
Full Service, FS, or F/S
Penis in vagina sex.
Friction Dance
A contact dance performed with the dancer's legs on the floor inside of yours, as opposed to a true lap, where she climbs on top of your lap. Also known as a crotch dance.
Front Room Make Out Session
Full Contact
A lap dance where a statistically significant amount of touching and/or grinding takes place. Comes in two basic varieties: "ONE WAY": at a minimum the dancer grinds your crotch with her ass with the intent of getting you off in your pants. Enhanced variations can include her rubbing her tits in your face, stroking your package, nibbling you. pinching you, etc. Often you will be allowed some limited touching of the girl (thighs, ass) but "limited" is the operative word in a ONE WAY. "TWO WAY": where in addition to the above you are free to feel the dancers tits, ass, sometimes crotch, etc. Enhanced variations can include kissing, licking and sucking her nipples, slipping a finger or two in her kitty, oral sex. Can get very intimate.
Gentlemen's club. A strip club but with extras.
Girl Friend Experience - usually a term reserved for escorts, but it has spilled over into strip club lingo. Not sure if it's a good thing though, as I have never had a girlfriend give me a nasty grinding lap dance. I'd much rather have a HASE.
Girl Next Door - A stripper who just looks nice and innocent, like the girl next door.
Golden Pussy Syndrome - A stripper who thinks she's the best.
Hot Ass Stripper Experience - One or more strippers having wild passionate sex with me just cause they like the bulge in the FRONT of my pants.
House Fee
The cost that dancers (and a few other types of strip club employees) have to pay each night in order to work at the club.
House Mom
A back-of-the-house strip club employee that provides food, beverages, women's supplies, and motivation to the dancers.
A British term, to vacuum, named after the vacuum cleaners. When used in Canadian clubs, it means to "suck all the money out of your pockets".
Inside The Club - As opposed to OTC (Outside The Club).
When the Dancer is able to take all the money you brought into the strip club.
Lap Dance
AKA a lap, lapper, or LD. Any more-or-less intimate performance that a female dancer does for you alone for additional money with you in a sitting (or lying) position with your pants up. Almost always advertised as involving some form of contact. A LD may be totally public or completely private or anything in between.
Having an orgasm during a lapdance. See LDK.
Cumming in your pants during a lapdance. Named after LapDanceKing who popularized the practice.
Light French Kiss.
A Waiter in a Tijuana Brothel. Find a good one, and he can help find you the perfect woman.
How far you're able to go with a dancer. Sex would make her high mileage (VHM or UHM) while air dances would be considered low mileage
A Lap Dance where the dancer leaves the stage and performs the lap for a few seconds out in public, usually for $1 or $2.
A male that indulges in the sexuality of females for money. See Whore monger.
Nipple Feels
The act of tipping a dancer between her breasts so that you can cop a feel of her nipple when she grabs for your dollar.
No Spit No Quit. Usually relating to blowjobs where the person giving the blowjob will swallow (no spit) and won't stop their technique when the customer orgasms (no quit).
Outside The Club - Meeting with a dancer for anything from an after work snack at Denny's to a dinner date to an escort session. Not usually approved of by the club or by many dancers.
Pervert Row
Dancers call the seats around the the stage , nearest the stairs, Pervert Row because the poor tipping guys who sit here try desperate measures to get free close up views when the girls are coming and going off the stage, somehow think the girls won't notice them. Sure giveaway you're a PL if you sit here and nurse one drink for three hours.
Pink Site
Pathetic Loser - One of the earliest terms used on the internet between strippers to refer to their customers.
Porn Star Experience. The look of a porn star: nice fake tits (big but not too big - have a LOT of fun with them), great ass, tattoos/piercings, and looked like a porn star (not gorgeous but also not a butter face.)
A British term for a strip club goer or whore monger.
RC or Raincoater
A patron who doesn't care what a dancer looks like or how old she is as long as she can squat and pump.
Regular In Love. A PL who gives big money to one dancer for laps in the hope that the "date" outside the club will actually happen. He is too smitten to understand that there will never be a date, just his empty wallet.
Rip Off Bitch - Dancers who will use any SS or other techniques to get you to pay money to them and then not deliver any or minimal services. They exist because customers don't know how to say no with an erection and think that throwing more money at these girls will improve their situation. These girls should be avoided and called out publicly.
Strip club furniture. A Customer who sits in a strip club, buys the 2 drink minimum (nurses both), doesn't get lap dances, doesn't tip the girls, doesn't tip the bartenders/waitresses and sits there ALL night. Don't be a Rock!
Round The World. Putting bills into a stripper's garter all the way around her leg and making her look like a Christmas Tree with money.
strip club
Six-Foot Rule
A law which states that a dancer must be at least six feet away from her customer. Comes in other distance varieties.
Anything from sneaking a peak to outright ogling of a nearby dancer performing a personal dance (table, friction, etc) for another guy.
Customer who sits and ogles the dancers but never buys for dances for themselves.
See Stripper Shit
Stage Dance
Any public performance by a female dancer done on stage with the intent of arousing men and for which you do not have to pay any more money (except for optional tips). The classic striptease, in all its infinite variety.
Stage Fee
An optional fee a dancer can pay to the club or DJ to not have to dance on stage.
Strip Club
A bar or restaurant that has naked women around who offer lap dances.
When a dancer puts your face between her boobs - so even Stevie Wonder would know he's in a strip club!
Stripper Shit
Anything a stripper tells you to separate you from your money. This could range from "My car broke down" to "My boyfriend doesn't fuck me anymore" to "My, you have a huge cock" to "Do you work out a lot" to "You've got beautiful eyes." Good luck sorting it out. The good strippers are masters at this.
StripperWeb.com - a website dedicated to the strip club experience from a dancer's point of view. As opposed to TUSCL, which is dedicated to the customer's point of view.
Table Dance
An air dance where everyone knows before the dance begins that there will be no contact.
Tip out
Usually a voluntary fee that dancers pay out to pay the DJs, Bouncer, and House Mom, either directly to each one or to the club who distributes it for them.
Tijuana, a city in Mexico with arguably the best Gentlemen's clubs in the world.
Toda la Noche - A term found in the TJ clubs referring to literally sleeping with your dancer overnight in your room.
The ultimate strip club list
Two-Foot Rule
A law which states that a dancer must keep both feet on the floor. This led to friction dancing. Also comes in a One-foot variation where only one foot has to remain on the floor.
Ultra High Mileage
Very High Mileage
VIP Host
A bouncer that watches over the VIP area and handles any payments for those rooms or areas.
Desperate, unattractive dancers who wait near the entrance to grab any customers that come in. They typically won't take no for an answer, won't leave you alone, and will engage in whatever methods or ROB-ish practices they can in order to get you to pay them.
A club patron with lots and lots of money that usually attracts all the best dancers in the club for long periods of time. From a dancer's perspective, a single whale can make their entire night.
A person who buys the services of sex workers and prostitutes.
Your Mileage May Vary - Some qualities about you or circumstances in a dancer's life may give you a better or worse experience with a dancer, even if you paid the same amount or more to her compared to another customer.