Stock Market plays for tomorrow?

Thursday, March 19, 2020 11:17 PM
This market is once in a lifetime nuts right now. Options trading is hotter than ever. For tomorrow, im going to load up on 3/27 270 SPY calls cause I think the market is going to spike for the day. Selling them end of day to load up on 3/27 SPY 240 puts. Monday will be brutal. I’m up 358% since last Friday and it’s not like I even know what I’m doing. We still got a ways to go down and puts are going to make me retire early. Also looking at LYFT $15 4/17 puts. LYFT was up 29% today which is nuts. Only $500M cash on hand vs Uber’s $8B. No food deliveries. Not expanding. They going to fall right back down by the 17th. If I make you some money you owe me a VIP


I make all my investment decisions based on tips from the geniuses on TUSCL.
4 years ago
Hope u not being a salty boomer right now! You have a level head here tho so you can’t be down 30% off that fake ass trump market high I’m sure you’re fine
4 years ago
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