Thursday, June 3, 2021 8:35 PM
So i gather its not like Detroit. Scanning reviews it sounds like you spend more and no extras is the sense i get. Is that about right? Recommendations for a relaxing place to waste a little time in the presence of boobs and beers on weekdays?


"Is that about right?" No, but your question isn't really about extras anyway. Funny there's two Baltimore threads in a week. The clubs mentioned in this thread will probably be fine based on what you're asking for...[view link]
3 years ago
Yep, for weekday boobs and beer, depends which part of town you’re in. North or east: Gold Club. West: Millstream (latex paint pasties). South: Fantasies. Downtown: Penthouse.
3 years ago
In the 70s, the Block in Baltimore rivaled Time Square. Now, Baltimore has lost its grimmest clubs due to covid.
3 years ago
Tbh maybe im a cheapskate or my taste seems to prefer experience over a tight young body,or both since the experienced stripper with the body thats past its prime also seems to be thr kind you find at the dive bar talking about how they used to dance at flight club... Maybe a place i can get a burger and maybe spend 50 on desert.. now im just thinking out loud. I may end up just winging it like always
3 years ago
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