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Sunday, May 19, 2024 3:12 AM
I live in the fort Myers area and am trying to decide whether to go up to Tampa or over to the pompano area I understand that pompano has beautiful Cubans but from what I read it’s almost exclusively Cubans, my question is for someone who prefers having some conversation before going back to VIP should I go to the Tampa/pasco area? My plan is either hit booby trap, cheetah, diamond dolls then porthole pub then decide which place I liked the most or go to pasco county hit brass flamingo, red room, oz then Atlantis as a last resort if I don’t find something I like. For those that have experience in both areas what do you think I should do?


  • Brahma2k
    2 months ago
    Tampa/Pasco/Pinellas have some very good SCs. I have no experience with southeast Florida SCs but regular reviewers rate some of them extremely high. Based on these regular reviewers input I’d say south Florida is tops but the step down to Tampa/Pasco/Pinellas probably is barely more than negligible
  • Jacks4thson
    2 months ago
    If I lived only 2-3 hours from both Tampa and Miami I would easily be doing my own comparison over the course of a week or two.
  • doctorevil
    2 months ago
    I’ve been to both multiple times. Based on your stated criteria, that is you want to have conversation, presumably in English, I would say go to the clubs you mentioned which are actually in Clearwater and Pasco. Stay away from Tampa proper.
  • skibum609
    2 months ago
    Bare Assets. Holiday, Fl.
  • Book Guy
    2 months ago
    My knowledge is dated. Interesting how things change. All the below is reminiscence, not useful for planning a current trip. (For those of you unfamiliar with Florida geography, Tampa proper is in Hillsborough County, which is East of Tampa Bay; Pinellas County is the "thumb" which cuts the Bay off from the rest of the Gulf of Mexico, so cities such as St. Petersburg and Clearwater in Pinellas are West of the Bay, and the Bay in turn is ((mostly)) West and South of Tampa. Pasco County is North of any of the above, the "base of the thumb".) I lived in Pinellas from about 1998 to about 2006 give or take. Part of that time I was working out of State, but mostly I was based there and attending clubs throughout the Tampa Bay area. I moved away, my life entered a new phase, and then for a brief part of 2017 I went back for a longer-term work stint, about four months off and on. During this stint in 2017 of course I re-attended my old haunts, also established myself at new haunts, and furthermore took dedicated monger's trips to Pompano Beach twice. In the Tampa Bay area there has generally been a split between "clean" and "dirty" sides of the Bay, but they've flip-flopped over the years. During the 2000-2006 range, the full-service opportunities were in Hillsborough County (Tampa side). There were full-service massage-parlors and lingerie-modeling places galore in certain parts of Tampa, and the strip clubs were high-mileage generally. Although in some of Tampa proper, there was a rule about alcohol-or-nudity (if the club served alcohol then the girls wore pasties, so, if you wanted to see nudity, the laws REQUIRED that you drive drunk LOL) nevertheless you could find extremely high quality women at many of the clubs and could secure high-mileage and ITC service reliably at reasonable prices with people who would generally be considered young and appealing beauties. Mons Venus and Space Odyssey 2001 were "flagship" experiences, really just silly tourist traps, but these were also the glory days of Tanga, Ybor Strip, Lipstixx, and the neighborhood known as Drew Park (I recall a TUSCL member with that as his user-id). I attended and reviewed. This was my most prolific period of TUSCL participation. I was addicted to these many venues and remember writing a lot of reviews about them, but I don't see those reviews appearing in my profile so I'm guessing that I had a different TUSCL ID back then or the database doesn't properly "find" them. My "local" club, closest to my house in Pinellas, I could still easily find on a map (if it weren't long since closed) but can't find it in the TUSCL records at all. Then when I returned in 2017 I was surprised to learn that Tampa had cleaned up but Pinellas had dirtied up. Those of you reading recent reviews may note where the service opportunities are, and may get the impression that Tampa is more for prudes. I'm pretty sure the reviews will be accurate, so, don't trust my judgment on those scores, just exhaust your VIP TUSCL opportunities! During my stint in 2017 I did attend Oz and Diamond Dolls (Pinellas) several times, and several other clubs, and had read that Atlantis would be a sure-fire ITC opportunity. But I found all those, and other Pinellas clubs, and the Pasco clubs, mostly disappointing. The good old days of the early 2000s had not, for me, been adequately replicated in 2017 on the other side of the Bay. I found Pinellas 2017 a disappointment relative to Hillsborough 2005. On my trips to Pompano 2017 I did experience the Cuban full-service that is described in reviews here. I was gratified to learn that, at least somewhere on the planet, the proper attitude was being maintained. I compare all clubs to Fantasia, Richmond Hill, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, mid-1990s. If you don't know you'll never know. :) Pompano's Diamond Dolls was as close as I've come to that experience, excepting trips outside the USA, ever since then. I see a comment or two here about how Pasco will fill the bill. If it's anything like what I experienced in 2017 you'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel but you MIGHT be able to enjoy yourself. To the contrary, I think Pompano will be guaranteed high flying. I trust you'll view these comments of mine as mildly uninformed -- as I said, I haven't been there for seven-ish years now -- so, avail yourself of recent reviews. Ah me, I miss the good old days. Fantasia, of course; but also Ybor when it wasn't yet a Scarlett's, and the Tanga's hard-backed hotel-banquet-room chairs, and the weird back rooms with extra secret wall panels at Lipstixx, and mi favorita one, two, three, and four, Brazilians and Cubans and even a few Irish-American beauties at the lingerie places. Driving the bridges late at night ...
  • stainglass
    2 months ago
    If you live in fort myers, this is not going to be the one-and-done approach that you will ever go to "any" SCs. So, go to a few, pick one based on your time availability and other factors... go, make mistakes and enjoy the process - you will become smarter by doing, and not just discussing. If you are going to these different places, try and report back, when possible - Contribute and Make Tuscl Great Again :p
  • chiefwiggum
    2 months ago
    I was at both locations in the last two years. Pompano is better hands down. There is an influx of Cubans in both areas, but like 98% saturation in Pompano. There's plenty of English in Pompano, well, more than I thought, and more than Austin, TX. I've been told plenty of times that there are white girls in Pompano and have met some outside of FL that danced there, but when I was there, I didn't see any (I wasn't really looking and I speak Spanish). Mileage and talent are way better in Pompano, but Tampa has more variety. Pinellas is way better than Tampa (but, perhaps incorrectly, I lump it in as all Tampa). To make an even finer point: Pasco was all Cuban on my last trip, but hands down worse than Pinellas and Tampa.
  • shanny72
    2 months ago
    Long time FL Lived in SFL near the Pompano 3 Lived in Tampa and hit all the clubs Nothing beats SFL within 500 miles of Ft Myers
  • Dolfan
    2 months ago
    I feel like we've had this discussion with you before. But I can't find the old post with the constant website changes, nor can I find the other dozens of posts that describe what Pompano is like. Anyway, these post are useless without context. If your only criteria is that you want to have conversation before going back, I can tell you that it's absolutely possible in the Pompano clubs. But it's not easy or the norm, the language barrier makes it tough. A lot of girls speak basic English, but not conversational. Translate apps on phones bridge the gap to some extent. A lot of girls, not just the Cubans, aren't gonna invest a lot of time in talking to an unknown customer in the Pompano clubs. Pulling moves like the troll asking about OTC in the other thread describes won't help, it'll just make you look like an idiot/simp/mark. You'll have much better luck during the day, and even more on slower days. In Pompano, Porthole Pub and Solid Gold have the most girls who'll sit and chat. I've only been into Senioritas three times, the first time there was very little conversation but the second two the girls were very willing to chat. Unfortunately, those clubs have by far the least attractive dancers for my tastes. And they tend to have the fewest number of girls or customers. But, if you're into thicker, older, and or darker girls they might be right up your ally. You can be the big fish in a small pond, and there isn't much opportunity cost for them so they'll sit with you. But even at BT/Cheetah/Diamond Dolls, you can try to watch the girls to see who just does hit & run vs who sits and chats. You may get lucky, or you may have to buy a few dances with a few girls before you find one who'll sit with you and chat. If you'll be there a few days during the week and go multiple days and buy dances from the same girl, some of those girls will go from repeat hit and run offenders to downright clingy. I haven't been to Pasco probably since before the COVID shutdowns, my experience at that time was that the girls were much more apt to sit and chat. But they were no where near as hot and somewhat more expensive. However, that was so long ago I wouldn't count on it still being accurate. I think the distance is about the same, for my time I'd hit Pompano without question. But I'm kinda biased towards my local clubs.
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