3somes overrated or not

Icee Loco (asshole)
I'm a fucking loser
Thursday, February 16, 2023 8:51 PM
I think its just too much going on and someone always gets hurt unless she has no self esteem


  • Alfredo_Darke
    a year ago
    Funny, I was just thinking about a threesome. But this would be with 2 escorts I've been seeing, they're both really fine and talented, but I haven't seen them together. They have done 3 ways with each other before, I've read a very positive review, but yeah, would simply keeping track of everything just get too complicated? Would be pretty damn expensive too. Still, I might try it just to see.
  • Icee Loco (asshole)
    a year ago
    If you're paying for it you'd at least weed out the hangups that come with them
  • Specialj
    a year ago
    Depends on how good looking the other two people are
  • wallanon
    a year ago
    "They have done 3 ways with each other before, I've read a very positive review" If they're comfortable with each other and they're pros it should be fine. The last two times I've tried threesomes I had to break things off with a girl I was seeing she got pissed about the other one, and the other two got into a fight. But yeah, yolo lol.
  • Tetradon
    a year ago
    Very overrated. I decided to check that box with pros and it was twice the money for twice the work and no more pleasure than one. They approached me as a twosome but barely touched one another. Whenever I went to town on one, I felt like I was leaving the other out. The "left-out" girl would just sit there. Don't care to repeat. I've only had one civvie ex who was actively into girls. We talked about it, but never followed through.
  • Icee Loco (asshole)
    a year ago
    My problem with them is there's always jealousy and someone always feels left out at least a little. But I like getting my dick sucked by 2 girls or watching them with each other
  • blahblahblah23
    a year ago
    Why do u people on this site assume 3some is automatically 2 girls 1 guy? 🤣
  • Mate27
    a year ago
    ^^ because this isn’t stripperweb. It’s a bunch of entitled men, not a bunch of jaded women.
  • drewcareypnw
    a year ago
    There are lots of good things to do in a 3 way. 1. Getting your dick sucked by two girls at once, one on each side, or one on balls and the other on dick. Outstanding! 2. Laying on your back while one rides your dick and the other rides your face, while they make out and play with each others boobs. And then they switch. A++! 3. They lay one on top of the other pussy grinding and kissing etc while you rail first one and then the other from behind. Spice of life! 4. Pictures and vids! Yes it happened and no cj you can’t see them. Revisiting the experience through the miracle of digital photography. Priceless! 3 ways can be great. But I don’t get them anymore, dammit. Lame. Boo. Sucks. Having a 3 way with two girls who weren’t into each other, weren’t into you, or weren’t into it would also suck. So it’s a hard thing to arrange. Glad I took pictures.
  • Warrior15
    a year ago
    Are they over-rated ? Heck, NO. They can be the BEST sexual experience you can have. But there are some caveats. Give attention to both girls. Make sure the two girls like each other. And have plenty of wine available.
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