Should we tell strippers that they may be eligible to get $600 a week unemployme

Saturday, March 28, 2020 3:55 PM
I mean it sounds like with this new bill just about everybody might be eligible including strippers do we want them to know this or to remain desperately willing to do OTC during this Coronavirus thing?


  • Eve
    4 years ago
    I am? Wow. I guess I won't have to suck 10 dicks a week after all. :D
  • jackslash
    4 years ago
    I don't think strippers depend on us for news.
  • CJKent (Banned)
    4 years ago
    We don’t have to, they know more than you know....
  • theDirkDiggler
    4 years ago
    They'll probably have to files taxes for 2019 as an IC having received 1099s, which means that the clubs were supposed to file 1099s as well, or maybe even PLs. Honestly, i have no idea how strippers legally file taxes as an IC...
  • jackslash
    4 years ago
    Strippers can file taxes on Schedule C. They should keep daily records of their income and business expenses. But how many dancers do that? The only strippers I know that have filed taxes did so to claim the earned income credit.
  • shadowcat
    4 years ago
    I knew a stripper that had to file a tax return in order to qualify for a home loan. She had to pay taxes on a reported income of 85K/yr and that pissed her off.
  • Liwet
    4 years ago
    What do they have to do in order to get this $600?
  • GoVikings
    4 years ago
    Lol at Eve ☺️
  • ButterMan
    4 years ago
    I walked two strippers through the process of signing up for unemployment online this morning. And no i didn't know more that I did about as someone said. Hopefully they show some gratitude to me if they get the $600 a week.
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