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If she walks away smiling, you spent too much.
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------------ TESTIMONIALS ------------ "You don't have money but expect premium pussy..." [view link] "You're a weirdo, but a normal kind of weirdo." Kiki-Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas "You're the one that likes to negotiate." Brianna-Spearmint Rhino, Las Vegas "If you want to read some really horrifying stuff, look up the [TUSCL] reviews from Liwet. u/ExoticCamper-Reddit ----- GIRLS ----- Banner image girls are what I typically like in the club, fitness models with implants, though a girl with a nice stomach and a good attitude can make money off me. The specific girls from left to right are: <a href="[view link] Grachtchenkova</a> <a href="[view link] Shy</a> <a href="[view link] Shum</a> <a href="[view link] Kristall Rubinovich</a> (couldn't find any better links to her work) <a href="[view link] Grachtchenkova (same link)</a> Carlie Jo Howell Briinic (aka Brianna Agno)