Married couple poll: How many years was your sex life with your partner satisfy

Monday, March 25, 2019 12:25 AM
For those who are currently or have been married: 1. How many years have you been married (or were you married for those who are divorced or widowed)? 2. Of those married years, how many years featured a satisfying sex life with your partner (in terms of frequency and activities)? For me, 35 years married. Satisfying sex life, maybe 10 years of satisfying sex with my wife.


I've been married almost 20 years and still have very satisfying sex with my wife. The frequency has dwindled with time but that is because of age more than anything.
5 years ago
Q. How do you know your wife is dead? A. The sex is the same but the dishes keep piling up in the sink. Q. How do you know that your husband is dead? A. The sex is the same but you get to use the remote.
5 years ago
1. 25 years 2. 10-12 years
5 years ago
1. 30+ 2. We still have satisfying sex, just not very often. And yes, I *do* find it satisfying, even if it’s only once or twice per year.
5 years ago
17 went downhill after the first couple.
5 years ago
Every partner I had the passion fizzled quickly, but the one who I stuck with creates passion in other ways, cooking, friends/family, travel and entertainment. Then eventually the passion from our other facets spill over into the bedroom as we reacquaint ourselves with our youth, like when we first met. You have to have mire than sex for a well rounded balanced live life. If you do the sex comes back in due time, even though there are phases when sexual droughts occur. I’m at peace during the droughts, just like the monsoon season itskwags comes-back.
5 years ago
1 - Married 29 years. 2 - About 20 years. Then my wife went thru "The Change".
5 years ago
Wife and I hit 29 next month. The 25 best blowjobs ever that I received from her have been saince labor day 2018. We do it less, but its fucking fantastic and way, way better than the paid variety.
5 years ago
1. 38+ years. About 40 sharing the same bed. Hell, today might be that anniversary, never noted date of 1st "joy". 2. 40. Naturally it's less often these days, but I think we're on the happy half of the bell curve.
5 years ago
I'm impressed (maybe a bit envious?) with the guys who still have an active and satisfying sex lives with their wives after a long marriage! Early menopause had an adverse impact on my partner's sex drive. Fortunately, there is more to marriage than sex (and thankfully there is sometimes more to sex than marriage).
5 years ago
My marriage had conflicts and problems early on. Some was related to career stress. But some was also just because once married my wife transformed into something very different. I thought problems could be solved, but not so. Even today, communications very problematic. For many married people, swingers clubs are the answer, not the husband cheating. But for my marriage, this would not ever have worked. SJG
5 years ago
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