Toronto, Canada: An underrated mongering scene

Monday, August 14, 2023 9:11 PM
Places like Tijuana, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, Philippines and many other worldwide destinations with legal (or semi-legal) pay for play get a lot of ink, and deservedly so. But Canada, the country that most resembles the United States, is often overlooked as a tremendous mongering destination – specifically the Greater Toronto Area. Montreal also is a great destination to explore the sex trade, but I've hobbied only in Toronto, so I put together a little primer on what Canada's largest metropolitan area has to offer. This is geared more toward those who live around the Great Lakes and the Northeast and are within driving distance. I focus on the escort options, not the erotic massage or strip club scene. I grew up in metro Detroit but only discovered the wonders of Toronto six years ago. It's a convenient three-hour drive for me to Mississauga (the western suburb where most of the sex businesses operate), and I've made many weekend trips. The main reason: Unlike the puritanical U.S., there are no concerns of law enforcement. Technically, it's illegal to pay for sex there (not illegal to sell it, which protects the providers), but LE has openly declared they don't dedicate resources to police what consenting adults do. This makes for a stress-free experience where you don't have to worry about your mugshot appearing in the local paper or on the evening news under headlines about a police sting operation. It's also safe; you don't have to watch your back like in many Latin countries, and of course, they speak English, so no communication issues. The agencies list prices on their web sites and some explicitly detail what they offer and even post in-depth client reviews of their ladies. So, clearly they have no fear of legal issues. I started off in 2017 frequenting a massage spa – Allure, which I learned of from TUSCL. A couple of years ago, after the border re-opened following the COVID shutdown, I branched out and began seeing escorts. Toronto is known for its diversity and the sex industry is no exception, with all races represented: White Canadian and East European, East Indian, Middle Eastern, East Asian, Ebony and even Latina, though I don't think the area has a large Latin community. Most of the agency ladies are young. It's not uncommon to encounter some 19- to 22-year-olds just getting into the business, some of them college students. There also are many in their mid-to-late 20s and into their 30s, and a few (not many) 40-ish MILFs. The standard services include CFS, BBBJ and DATY. Most also provide kissing, including DFK (almost all of the more than 30 I've been with have provided this), but YMMV. CIM is standard with some, available for a small upcharge with others, and not offered by some. Some provide anal for an upcharge (usually $50-$80, I think, have never done this). Your U.S. dollar goes pretty far here. Prices (in Canadian dollars) typically run from $160-$220 for a half-hour, $200-$270 for 45 minutes and $250-$350 for an hour. It varies by agency and there are different tiers of ladies at each. Each agency has its own rules for verification. It helps to have a posting history on, the message board that serves as the primary source of information on the escort and massage scene in Toronto. At some places, all you need to do is text them (from a regular cell phone number; they don't accept calls from a text app) for an appointment. Others require first-time clients to call. Some require a form of ID (with your name covered) and one or two I believe require an electronic money transfer (not sure how that works). I'd stick to the agencies that require only a text or call for a booking and no ID. Here are links to the most popular agencies: Hot Pink List: Sexy Friends Toronto: Discreet Dolls: Mirage Entertainment: Hush Companions: Top Drawer Ladies: Toronto Passions: Minx Companions: Toronto Girlfriends: Select Company Escorts: PLXTO: Allegra: Secret Escorts: Reverie: There also are several East Asian agencies, which I haven't experienced yet. A couple, however, only accept East Asian clients and I think almost all of them use fake photos on their sites. However, there are many well-reviewed ladies (on terb) at some of these places.


I have been to Toronto once and partook based on Mr. Prufrock’s advice. Spot on!!!
9 months ago
Excellent post. How do I bookmark?
9 months ago
^To add a bookmark, click on the little bookmark icon in the top right corner. Excellent article. Regarding mississauga, lots of ritzy apartments near square one mall. Park at the mall and many providers a short walk away. Many are near downtown or right off of yonge street from DT to finch Avenue. Easy to reach from the subway.
9 months ago
@mickey48066, spot on about Square One, or as I like to call it, Square 69 because of all the sex I've engaged in within a square mile of the place.
9 months ago
Fantastic! This is a much needed topic. I've heard the GTA (greater Toronto area) is a great place to frequent for these experiences, but haven't read much about it yet. Thanks for all the links, they will be super valuable.
9 months ago
I'll get up there someday. it's on my bucket list behind Thailand and the FKK clubs.
9 months ago
I've done some mongering in Toronto but it's been some years now since I've been up that way. It was enjoyable. When I first visited it was completely legal, which alleviated all the stress. Even after they changed the law I've never felt any worry in Toronto or Montreal. (I wouldn't be so comfortable in Calgary or Winnipeg though.) The only real downside to the law is that most of the agencies stopped listing the girls explicit services. A dozen years ago a girl's profile on Mirage's site (for instance) would list whether she did CIM or SW or Greek. I've never been asked to provide references or ID by an agency. That's why I stick to agencies and not the indys. Glad to hear that plenty of them still don't require any. Reminds me that I need to find an excuse to get back to the GTA.
9 months ago
Oh damn I need to go to Toronto
8 months ago
Late to the party, but I'll add, the strip-clubs often have excellent full-service options available. The TUSCL reviews mostly make these facts clear. Personally I love the experience of attending a strip club, assessing the variety of women, sidling up to several and getting to "know" them and their interpersonal style, and then slowly selecting the one that I'm going to have in the back room. Though I've patronized almost all the styles of mongering venues -- plain brothels, FKKs and hostess clubs, window girls, call-girl escorts, street-walkers, OTC with dancers, etc. -- I find the most enjoyable to be, as described, a visit to a guaranteed-full-service strip club. Also it's often one of the better in terms of value-for-money, depending on the girl. Canada's are decidedly better than most in the US, partly because of the laxer law-enforcement and therefore no premium price for illegal activity; but also partly because the providers are, themselves, more likely to be better educated, friendlier, and of a generally higher degree of "class" and sense. Dancers in the USA (and I say this as a USA citizen, BTW, if that matters to you) tend to be more likely low-class in upbringing and lacking in education; dancers in Canada, including those who are sex-service providers, tend to be (aside from immigrants; who are hot, especially the Eastern European ones) better positioned in the world, IME.
Book Guy
a month ago
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