About LDKs ... the good, the bad, and the sticky

Rhode Island
Sunday, March 3, 2024 1:47 PM
An LDK (or "lapgasm" in other online places) occurs when a guy cums in his pants due to the friction caused by a dancer during a high-contact lap dance or VIP session. It's a topic that comes up often enough in strip-club-related forums that it's worth having a round-up article that captures often-stated opinions and realities. As usual, these are my opinions and thoughts. I'm expecting some debate and disagreement (especially since I'm not an LDK guy, except on two occasions long ago). === DO GUYS REALLY CUM IN THEIR PANTS? Yes, absolutely. And though it's not a majority of strip club customers, the demographic is also larger than a handful. There are enough guys who LDK that it comes up semi-regular in forums like this. It's also popular to a degree that you'll occasionally see several guys get into lengthy online debates regarding the best LDK-friendly pants as well as best practices for containing or cleaning up the resulting wet mess. === WHY DO GUYS LDK? Well, the mechanical and anatomical reasons are obvious... friction on your naughty bits. This section is more to talk about awareness and intent. There are two types of guys who LDK: (1) guys who go to the club specifically to LDK, and (2) those who do not seek an LDK but it happens anyway. Yes, there are guys who sit somewhere between those two positions, but most lean one way or another. Let's talk about group #1 first (guys who want LDKs). It can vary, but most guys who are into LDKs do it for reasons ranging from it being the "cheapest nut" to wanting to blow a load without the STD risk. Related to that, there's a fair number of LDK guys who have wives and girlfriends. For them, LDKs also provide a means to not take an STD home to their partner. There's also a segment of these guys who tell themselves that LDKs do not qualify as cheating on a partner. [Personal opinion... that's some bullshit; if you're hiding your sexy fun time from your partner, then you're cheating.] Group #2 includes guys with no intention of nutting in their pants, but they found a dancer who rubs them (literally) the right way. There's not a lot to say about these guys, except they're the most likely to show up here with questions ranging from "Am I monster?" to "Can I keep doing this?" === IS IT A BAD THING? Opinions vary and are sometimes contentious. Generally speaking, it's not a bad thing under most circumstances. That said, you very often see other customers throw shade at LDK guys for glorifying premature ejaculation, being "weird" (as if there's a lot of 'normal' in a strip club), etc. It is not a bad thing if (1) you keep your mess contained (no dancer loves a surprise wet spot), and/or (2) warn the dancer before a dance that it might happen, and/or (3) warn the dancer during a dance if it's about to happen. If you can't accomplish this, then (depending on the dancer) prepare to apologize and tip more. It is absolutely a bad thing if you're one of those guys who intentionally does not keep his mess contained and gets off on the furtive, sneaky nature of a surprise wet spot. These guys get an extra jolly from seeing a dancer realize what happened and her being upset by it. Don't be one of those guys. All of those guys are assholes. === WHAT DO DANCERS THINK? Well, according to many dancers posting online, any guy who LDKs will be universally hated by all dancers, beaten within an inch of their lives, and then thrown out of the club and banned for life. Simultaneously, according to many LDK guys posting online, most dancers are proud and happy to provide this service and regard LDK guys and their favorite and best customers. Predictably, there's a lot of confirmation bias happening with both viewpoints, and the truth is in the middle. In reality, many dancers either don't care or are mildly annoyed at most. They perhaps don't love it, but it's low on the list of things that bothers them about a customer (as long as they get paid). But there are some dancers who don't like it at all and will create a loud scene. If you can't keep your mess contained, then you will find one of those dancers eventually, and it won't be great. Of course, this is a moot point if you've talked to the dancer about this happening and them noticing. === IS AN LDK AN EXTRA? There's no answer that works for both customers and dancers. Many dancers will say "yes." Many customers will say "no." I'm sure that this is surprising to everyone... #sarcasm Not having to pay extra for an LDK is why many guys go to great lengths to keep it under wraps. If you can keep it hidden, then congratulations; you're a cum-stain cat burglar. Dancers may not love this, but there's not much they can do about something they don't know about. That said, if you do talk to or warn a dancer about an LDK that they'll likely notice, then be prepared for them to ask for more money (or not want it to happen at all). From my perspective, a dance that results in a nut (inside or outside of the pants) is a really good dance, and I tip extra for really good dances. How much? That's between you and the dancer. === SO... WHAT ARE THE BEST PANTS FOR AN LDK? This shouldn't be a difficult question to answer. That said, based on the billions of threads just about this subject, material that is thinner and smoother will be best for LDKs. For a lot of guys, that's sweatpants or basketball shorts. If your club doesn't allow that type of dress (or if the hottest dancers in your club avoid the "sweatpants guys"), then golf pants or sweatpants that look more casual and less athletic will suffice. Also, some casual khakis and dress pants are not a bad choice. Not blue jeans; not canvas work pants. Thick, coarse fabric isn't great for either the customer or dancer. Also, no zipper is better than zipper, if possible (because zipper "burn" isn't great). Finally, lean towards darker colors (unless you fly your cum-stain flag high and proud).


Yeah from my standpoint, LDK's are just a great bang for your buck economical way of enjoying strip clubs. Get your lap dances, use your imagination to bridge that actual full on sex gap instead going hundreds in on these pricey VIP's with girls. With the right dancer, it can still be a total blast. With an apathetic dancer, all I need is a fat ass on my lap I'll get it done, she doesn't even have to move. With the completely wrong dancer who's standing up all the time, doing her own thing, just bad at this lap dance thing, I can cut that off real quick without spending big money.
3 months ago
It's not my thing, but I don't care if it's someone else's thing as long as they're not creating a surprise wet spot for the dancer.
3 months ago
wish I could LDK. but that hasn't happen to me in decades. it would have saved me a ton of money instead of holding out for FS.
3 months ago
I’ve only had it happen with 2 girls in 20+ years (as far as I remember). One forgettable one-time accident, but the other girl was a frickin’ artist and I sought her time after time for maybe 3-4 years. She could play me like a fiddle, edge & back off, and repeat, then blow the load shortly after I’d say “last song for today.” I always wore a condom, was polite (she wasn’t all that personable, but rewarded respect), gave a decent but not large tip ($30 later $40 on top of dance cost), and worshipped her incredible body. She never cracked under my requests & enticements for more mileage. “I don’t do more & you seem happy with what I do; plenty of other girls here.” So I guess I’m outside your categories, but only because I found the LDK Empress of the Universe.
3 months ago
"WHY DO GUYS LDK?" Usually, it's because their dicks can't remember what a pussy feels like.
3 months ago
I fuck on the regular, but I love assjobs. Good part about stripclubs is that there’s no awkwardness in kicking the girl out. You pay and leave. Whereas when I fuck, I gotta take the girl out or spend some sort of time.
2 months ago
I Think It Depends On If The Dancer Is Really Hot, The Mutual Mood & If The Dancer Pushes You To LDK. The Dancers Probably Think The More Friction & Excitement, The More $ Money 🤑 ⚡
2 months ago
Contrary to Jascoi, I find it the case, sometimes, that I don't enjoy full-service in the strip-club back-room as much as I enjoy extended interpersonal lap-dancing that successfully leads me up to the "LDK". I guess it's more about the duration, the pleasant time together, the fact that you can enter and exit the interaction song by song. I don't like how you have to get locked in to a price and a duration before doing full-service -- VIP room for X time, total cost Y, everything directed at the one and only goal of finishing, then once that is accomplished KAZOOM she's off to a new custie. I do appreciate, of course, the fact that, in theory, full-service is higher-service than lap-dance-service, but still, there's something enticing about stringing her along song by song, and somehow it feels more like I'm in control of the interaction. It may not even be cheaper, but it's ... nicer, sometimes. On another topic, and this is probably TMI over-sharing, for lappers, I have a regimen. Pants. I wear Haggar Cool 18s brand pants. These are department-store-level business-casual slacks of a wonderful smooth silky feel, some kind of synthetic breathable cool material, with a plastic zipper, permanent pleats and crease and cuffs, machine-washable. Or, in rare summer weather, jogging-pants of that sheer-ish basketball-shorts material (presently I have a pair of DSG brand, f.e.). I've recently learned that many girls find the boys in sweatpants to be creepy and cheap-seeming so I may not retreat to the jogging pants unless I've reconfirmed their propriety for a given destination. And, I wear a condom. I attend the men's room to put on a lubricated (on the inside) condom (such as Trojan brand Ecstasy) before getting lappers. Although the lube seems like it would be messy, in fact it doesn't really smear off on the inside of my undies at all, and what little of it gets on my fingers is undetectable and washes off with quick soap-and-water. I carry extras in one of my pockets and simply discard and apply a new one at urination. I drink hard-liquor only, never beer at strip clubs, so my intake of liquid volume-to-inebriation ratio is lower than many men's, and this reduces the number of visits to the loo and therefore the number of extra condoms necessary. Two or three is enough for the night, especially if I can remove and re-apply one in a toilet stall without hampering it. TMI? Told ya. Anyway, it's not on there for contraception, duh. It's on there for slippy slidy lubrication. If you've never had a lapper with smooth silky clothing and a sliding condom then you may not understand how people achieve "LDK". But I'd bet that anyone with a condom on is likely to think "LDK" is more rather than less likely from a decent straddle full-contact lap-dance. Finally, I laugh at 5footguy's "their dicks can't remember what a pussy feels like." This may indeed be true, LOL :). But I am paying no child support nor alimony and have literally never been required to attend a decorator's showcase to compare "window treatments."
Book Guy
a month ago
Just want to +1 RiskA and Book Guy. The article is great on covering LDK mechanics, but there is another dimension around attitude and the ATF psychological experience. RiskA's comment about girls who can play us like fiddles rang so true and still sometimes messes with my head (yes pun intended that messes by one head messes with the other one). On one extreme is a hot ROB who has you at full mast outside VIP, but then due to the ROBIsh behavior turns you off. There's nothing more infuriating or frustrating than a ROB. On the other extreme is the CF/ATF who seems to say and do all the right things. The emotional fiddle play starts outside of the VIP with cuddling, flirting. Inside the VIP, its the right goldilocks balance of intense and seemingly limitless two-way contact with the right grind pressure at the right time. Its the unnerving and yet intoxicating feeling that an ATF can literally play your mind and body. A memorable LDK starts before the VIP and lasts after the VIP, because of the emotional engagement. I wish there was more discussion and understanding around the emotional addictiveness of this fiddle play dynamic. I'm still lost as to whether LDKs are about carefully engineering control or about blissfully losing it.
a month ago
Whenever I go to a club, it's with LDK as my goal. I mean, what's the point of getting all worked up by some hot babe grinding her ass into your crotch, then stopping? The ultimate frustration. I did got to clubs for several years without cumming, the problem was I was always wearing briefs that kept me in place. Then I read a post that made me realize nothing under my khakis would allow junior to go to town. I was basically a Mons monger, what used to be the best club (I thought) in Tampa. But after covid, and my re-discovering TUSCL, I realized I could get much more at places like OZ and Scarletts. But I still like LDKs. I think the sleazy aspect of it appeals to me, that it's not supposed to happen, but does. And when I'm in my home base of Chicago, the clubs have no extras here (now I'm waiting for some one to post "yes it does!") Dancers reactions to LDK? I've basically had three responses. They vast majority have no response, because they don't realize it. I hang down more than up, and when it happens, it's not too difficult to twist a bit and keep the girl from feeling that wet spot down the inside of my leg. I tell the girl "That's enough for now", pay her, and I'm out the door, they are none the wiser. Once, when I was wearing shorts, some spilled out onto the dancers leg. Boy, was she pissed! Very angry, even after a good tip on top of dance fees. But I've had a few that were PROUD of it, that they were able to make me cum! They're in the minority for sure, but some get off on the fact that, just by their dancing, they can get a guy off.
a month ago
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