In TJ from 6/26 thorugh 6/29

Strip Club Connoisseur
Wednesday, May 29, 2024 8:50 PM
I'll be staying at Rizo de Oro, from the last Wednesday of the month, leaving Saturday morning. I would love to meet up with any TUSCLers and have a cerveza. Hit me up via DM if you'll be in TJ at the end of June.


  • Jascoi
    2 months ago
    i might go to the hk 70s 80s retro party june 12. my single favorite party that hk puts on.
  • RonJax2
    2 months ago
    I saw that in their events page, @Jascoi. It looks like fun time, but it didn't work for my schedule. Do report back on how it is this year if you go!
  • TJVisitor23
    a month ago
    Sent you DM. Looks like our dates overlap.
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