TR - 4/29 - Doubles, Lost Money, Quiet Room in Casadas

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 7:59 PM
Still here for another half day. Yesterday 4/29(Monday) got to Cascadas at 3pm, made it down to HK around 5pm. Not busy yet not dead. Enough room to walk around unlike weekends.. I usually like to sit upstairs to look down on main stage area but the AC was broke or something because it was crazy hot up there. So I roamed and just asked a girl by the railing between the front and back rooms. To my surprise, I have never experienced this at HK but her English was fluent. Too bad she didn't provide service I was looking for so after 1 ficha and small tip, I decided to go check out Tropical. When going through the frisk I noticed a twenty on the floor in front of me. I picked it up and noticed the $20s I had put in my left pocket were missing. I had $180 in that pocket. I was dumb because I put my phone in that pocket and took out my phone a couple of times. I checked around there, went back to HK but nothing on the floor or booth. Ugh, -$140 ($20 used for ficha and found one bill) bad start to the day. Roamed and in Las Chavelas typical girls just sitting around waiting their turn to go into HK I believe. By the doorway between HK, there was a hottie who was yawning, bored so I asked for a cerveza with her. She was exciting, fun. Then about 5-10 minutes later her friend came by with huge tetas and she was young. More wild yet a bit disconnected. Her friend was a 9/10 and the first lady was a 8.5/10 both with nice mm boobs. I bought the friend a beer and these girls were having a fun show for me with jiggling, groping, hugging. Each with one hand groping me down there. The young one gave the original lady a white pill. I asked her if that was a drug and she said yes. The friend lost the second pill for herself so like the money earlier, we were looking around on the seat, floor, purse but it was gone. While drinking, the girls had me put my arms around their back and around to squeeze and play with their tetas. The first lady said let's go upstairs and all have fun, $120 each. Let's go! Once upstairs the young friend, lit a mj blunt and shared with the original lady. The friend turned the music on, there was hugging, dancing, grinding. The the original lady got to business yet the friend just danced and sat off the side of me then toking up another blunt and sharing it. Then after a really good oral session, the first lady went into the bathroom and now the young friend took over for the other half of the service. She was fake vocal and she had way more rules. Then the lady came out after some time and stood next to me and while I was with the young friend and there she wrote. It was more of a tag team thing than a FMF that I experienced with a couple of Columbians at home years ago. It was "meh" but fun as the girls were still laughing, having fun after the session back to the club. At night, went to Tropical and met this hottie 8/10 for Tropical standards. She was fun, sexy and liked what I liked. We had a bunch of fichas before eventually arriba. Later that night went back to HK and ran into this cute smaller chested girl in the little Miami club section. She just wanted to dance, snuggle, drink so I was tipping her some dollars as well. Problem was there was a guy that kept interrupting trying to sell VIP as she wasn't suppose to lap dance that hard/much. So she stopped had a swig or two and she was back at it...lol. Great time. After 4 fichas, my mind was spinning from the great encounter but needed to slow down. She left after exchanging phone numbers and some big "thank yous". Still sitting in that first seat by the entrance in Club Miami, another real service oriented girl straddled me. Smoking body and cute face. She was giving me a good rub with kisses, grinding, etc. Again the guy kept interrupting to buy VIP. I told the girl she might have to slow down because he kept asking but she didn't care. So now I went in for about 3 more fichas and some dollar tips during her dancing and kisses. She wanted my number to meet tomorrow so we exchanged goodbyes and thank yous. As you can probably tell, this was a expensive night. Never spent so much but it was only going to be a day and half trip. It was a lot but very memorable... Most action I have had here in a day. Went to sleep and I noticed throughout the night and morning, not a single door slam or any voices. It was crazy. Of course once 9am came, the construction (tile guys) were working on the new elevators being installed but it is usually unheard of to not hear noise throughout the night.


  • OPIllini96
    3 months ago
    Man, that’s unfortunate you lost money. But besides that, sounds like you had a really great time. Taking two girls upstairs at the same time for arriba? That’s awesome. Only downside is that I hate the HK meseros kept interrupting your time in the Miami section. If the girls want to do lap dances for you, they should be allowed to without you having to take them to VIP.
  • justinyoo
    3 months ago
    OpIllini!! I thought of you eating at Azuls...lol. We were there about a month and a half ago and now the new elevators are put in. They have a two elevators next to each other and the another, around the corner. They are functional but closed to guests as they are doing the tile work in front of them every level but I saw a staff member go into the single one around the corner. Although there was some construction noise, not nearly as bad now. Also compared to last time, Tuesday was dead around 1pm in the afternoon. Upstairs only had 2 tables being used, it was empty. 5pm picked up, all the outside tables looking down on the main stage was full and the ladies packed Las Chavelas I guess waiting there time before going to HK.
  • azfriole
    3 months ago
    Haaa, I was there last week and worked from my room, or at least tried to. Glad I did cause that meant I went to bed earlier than usual, there would have been no way for me to sleep after 8 am with the tile guys busting up the old tile etc. What's crazy is all the work they did in a month, got rid of the Jacuzzi, put in a shower, new entrance to Miami and an elevator now in Las Chavellas .
  • devl_dawgg
    3 months ago
    Damn, Sorry you lost some cash. I do the same thing, put some loose $20s and smaller bills in my front pocket with my phone. I guess I need to be more careful.
  • OPIllini96
    3 months ago
    I hear that money belts are helpful, and I’m looking into getting one for my next TJ trip later this year.
  • Jascoi
    2 months ago
    i've lost money out of my pockets too. gotta be more careful about that. between the accidental droping money and pickpockets and policia ripping off my money it's probably about two grand that i've lost over the years.
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