What is with all the girls in HK-Las Chavelas?

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 8:50 PM
Went into HK on Sunday evening. Entered through the Las Chavelas entry. There must have been at least 30 girls in there all girls just sitting there chatting amongst themselves - completely bored. Walked through to the main HK area and the place is completely packed - not one empty table on Floors 1 and 2. I walk back to LC since the ratio of girls there was so much better, but they only seemed interested in just sitting and lounging there - no interest in talking to me or dancing or anything. What is up with that?


  • shailynn
    3 months ago
    They taken note from American girls - ignoring customers!
  • AyyCabron
    3 months ago
    They have to spend the first hour of their shift in Chavelas before they are free to roam both HK and Chavelas. Management does this because otherwise Chavelas would be almost completely empty. If you see a chica you like there, just approach her. You can take her arriba or buy her a drink. If you prefer to drink with her in HK, the supervisor in Chavelas will give her permission to go to HK before her hour is up, since she's with a paying customer. Usually nobody approaches them in Chavelas though, which is why they sit around bored on their phone.
  • crsm27
    3 months ago
    Sounds to me like a good place to scope out a chica before she gets into HK.
  • grimes
    3 months ago
    I've been pretty disappointed in the options at Chavelas. My guess is the baddies get scooped up pretty soon after the shift start, so the ones waiting the whole hour are the less desirables.
  • funonthaside
    3 months ago
    Is there ANY reason to go to Chavelas? Is it a more relaxed / less crowded club that some prefer? That has always been my perception, as someone who has been to neither HK nor Chavelas, as well as it seeming to be more for locals/Spanish-speakers. But, if it's just a pergatory clubs where neither PLs nor dancers prefer to be, why not just knock down the walls between the clubs? I can't imagine a PL being excited about going to a club where girls are forced to work for an hour prior going to the perceived "better club".
  • RonJax2
    3 months ago
    > Is there ANY reason to go to Chavelas? Besides the obvious - it's where you'll find the fresh chicas just starting their shift, Chavelas has it's charm. It's a cool vibe when there's a live band, I've had fun dancing with chicas in there. I would say, I'd rather have the option of banda music and a more Mexican vibe than have them knock that wall down and make it all hong kong. The variety of Chavelas, HK, and Miami is nice, IMHO.
  • devl_dawgg
    3 months ago
    I'm interested in seeing what they are doing for renovations. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, the upper level was curtained off? I'm with RonJax, I do enjoy the local music. I assume that they let the girls into HK on the hour. There was a line of more than 20 just before 7:00 PM the last time I was there...
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