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Saturday, April 20, 2024 3:58 PM
You ever go into a restaurant or a regular bar and instinctively start taking mental notes as if you were gonna write a TUSCL review on the place? This doesn't enter my mind when I'm at a place I know well, but whenever I visit a restaurant/bar for the first time I'm checking off boxes from the moment I pull into the parking lot. How busy is it, are there potholes, type of neighborhood. Then inside I'm scanning for general layout, size of the bar vs seating area, liquor selection, interesting decorations, anything that might be useful for a review. Then of course, and perhaps it's a little creepy, I analyze the female servers for age, ethnicity and overall attractiveness. I don't mean just ogling some waitress in a tight skirt, I take a more systematic approach as if I'd be writing about it later. I'll even assign 1-10 ratings and take a count of how many I'd like to bang in the VIP if there was one. Then I'll consider, of the one's that are not my type, how many would some other TUSCL perverts probably find attractive. Anyway, I don't do it intentionally, more like I catch myself doing it, and then it kind of makes me laugh.


Hot female servers correlate with more expensive restaurants, which I avoid. Even if the restaurant doesn't make a point of hiring hot women, I'm pretty sure they make better tips, so are more motivated to stay in the job.
a month ago
ahh yeah-restaurant reviews with a few slight twists from the ordinary-i can get into that. part a would be the usual specifics as detailed above by orange. i would add also menu and payment options. the usual as one would find say yelp or tripadvisor. now since we are on tuscl then yeah certain depths of perversion will present themselves. if what's being shown on the tv doesn't grab my interest my shifty wandering eyes will shift and wander. scan through the crowd and eye away. dude and his girl at their table i'll mentally note she has thick thighs and a real popped out ass. that dude is going to probably smash her ass up a few hours later. or why can't i get that nice waitress to serve me. i never see these kind of reviews on yelp. if i did i would go that site way more often. i know i know that's not nice. but hey i'm pretty sure other guys would the same to me or others with their dates. that's reality.
a month ago
I'm a pretty analytical person and work in a field where even minute details are important and can mean feast or famine. It is second nature to be very observant and take mental notes of details. I used to write restaurant reviews on Yelp back when that platform was still fairly new. I would get a lot of "helpful" and "thanks" from the other users, so I guess I was thorough and helped people decide whether they should dine at a given place or not. I am grading women wherever I go, whether it is a strip club, restaurant, grocery store, train station, concert hall, or anywhere else. It is just my nature as a red-blooded American male. sinclair is like that 1960's song from the O'Kaysions: I'm A Girl Watcher.
a month ago
Hooters, X's Wing House, T-Backs, Mugs N Jugs, similar establishments where the food is fried-sport-bar-style and the point is to go in and scope out the waitresses. In the Tampa Bay area girls have been known to selectively turn a trick here or there for a more well-groomed or appealing customer. I do, indeed, review mentally as the OP inquires. Is this mere autonomous instinct or is this an example of more well-considered volitional decision-making? Either way, it seems to me to be an intelligent survival mechanism.
Book Guy
a month ago
Yeah , I have that tendency myself. A store I often shop has a lass with an ass I'd love to follow to lap dance room. Other night wife and I out to dinner, couple cuddling at the bar, we're making guesses as to how soon they'd be going at it 😅
a month ago
I used to work a side gig on Chicago as a secret shopper at bars and nightclubs. A couple hundred to see who's checking IDs, who's overpouring drinks, who's texting or flirting more than they're working, who's skimming the till. Write up 2-3 pages like a tip report in 48 hours and you're good. My assignments got cut when I rebuffed the BBW office manager. She had great tits, but was too much woman for me. It was fun while it lasted.
a month ago
👽 ♥️ Considering How Many Hot Girls Work In Restaurants, I See Your Point. If I Ever Pick One Of Those Girls Up & It Works Out, I'll B Sure To Buy Her Stripper High Heels & Home Strip Pole For Her To Dance On. They Work Hard & They Deserve It! Hooters Girls Hot As Well 🐦
18 days ago
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