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Tuesday, April 16, 2024 1:52 PM
I will be in Houston this summer visiting family. Are there any spots that I can visit to get a Follies/Vivide/Tootsies-type experience? Don't care too much about the demographic of the dancers just want to go to a place where my money goes the furthest.


Here is an older reply to a very similar question about Houston: [view link] Hope this helps. Have fun!
a month ago
@Dan3635, that comment is very useful! One club it doesn't mention which OP might consider is Centerfold's Houston. I've been before and had an amazing time. And it sounds like Centerfold's is the kind of experience OP is looking for. @ReverendHorniBastard's recent review of Centerfold's may be helpful to OP: [view link]
a month ago
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