Tijuana for non extras

Tuesday, August 8, 2023 7:29 PM
Just wondering if Tijuana (Hong Kong or Chicago clubs) is worth checking out for someone who would only be interested in lapdances, or at most hj's. Also as someone who likes to be prepared, is there somewhere I can find details of every step in the process of going there. I.e where to park in San Diego before walking/ubering to the border, price to cross, any issues for non-American passports, how to cab/uber back to the border, how to stay safe, how to communicate as a non-spanish speaker, LD prices, etc.


There are reviews and articles that go into great detail.
9 months ago
> someone who would only be interested in lapdances, or at most hj's. Yes, definitely. I think the VIP rooms at HK and CC are both an incredible deal for LDs. $100 / hr to the house, plus a dancer tip of ~$80, plus a tip to he mesero of $5-10. So under $200 all in for an hour of ultra high mileage dances, plus some free beers. You can also get LDs by offering propinas (tips) while buying the chicas ficha drinks. ($10 plus tip.) I haven't been anywhere in the US with LDs as good (and cheap) as in Tijuana. For la paja (HJ), you probably (though not certainly) won't find a chica who will do that in VIP and will need to go arriba at the rate of $120 HH plus the room cost. (Short term rooms are $40 /40 mins at HK, $20 / 30 mins at CC.) > Also as someone who likes to be prepared, is there somewhere I can find details of every step in the process of going there I was just there and posted 4 incredibly detailed reviews, one on CC, and a three-part review of HK. In HK, Part I, I posted detail on getting there and crossing the border to Mexico. And in my 3rd review of HK, I posted details about getting back from Tijuana. Sprinkled throughout are nuggets on what to expect from VIP (and arriba), plenty of tips on communicating, and also staying safe. (Stay in the clubs if safety is a primary concern!) * HK, Part I | [view link] * CC | [view link] * HK, Part II | [view link] * HK, Part III | [view link] The only things I don't address in those reviews are: > where to park in San Diego You can park right behind the Jack in the Box at the border crossing in San Ysidro but it's expensive. Other mongers have commented here about much cheaper parking a trolley stop or two away from the San Ysidro, but I can't immediately find info. Maybe someone else can weigh in. > any issues for non-American passports I can't comment much on this as I hold a USA passport. My guess is getting into Mexico will be easy and quick. Getting back will probably be easy, but not quick, there's been huge lines to get back into the country if you do not hold a Sentri or Global Entry pass. > how to cab/uber back to the border You can cab back from the border, there's taxi stands in front of HK/Cascadas and Chicago both. Cost is about $10 or so. But there's also a free Zona shuttle from HK that in my experience is very prompt and speedy. La Zona Norte is literally right on the border so getting to/from the Zona to the border crossing is easy. The main problem to contend with at crossing is the lines coming back. Let me know here or via DM if I can answer more questions. FYI, there is also a TJ Monger's forum here on TUSCL, you might get better answers there.
9 months ago
@RonJax2 appreciate the info, I'll read your reviews and maybe shoot you a dm when I plan on going.
9 months ago
Yeah, they’re called lady boys, or more affectionately called trannies. They’ll HJ all day long cause they have little other options (or holes).
9 months ago
I went one time to Hong Kong with not having any sex because of a certain condition. it was still fun.
9 months ago
@Nobodygtyu I will play along and comment on your discussion. To answer your question; Q: Just wondering if Tijuana (Hong Kong or Chicago clubs) is worth checking out for someone who would only be interested in lapdances, or at most hj's. A: At the Happiest Place on Earth “Hong Kong”; Technically you are paying for her time; half an hour $100 to $120, for basic Full Service; anything more; anal for example is negotiable and cost more, but if you only want a handjob or just talk and hug is up to you, but you still have to pay for her time half hour $100 to $120. You should consider this first trip a recon mission to gain information and see how things are, so pack light, just a carry on or backpack should be fine. In my opinion is best to fly to San Diego and then take the bus to the blue line streetcar station that will take you to the border. Then walk across the border, don’t forget to get the Mexican “visa”, you can get it in the Internet in advance is free if you are visiting for a few days only. Once in Mexico just walk to the area where there is a FREE Limo service to takes you to Hong Kong, check in the Hotel Cascadas, for which you had made reservations in the Internet with your VIP Card holder status you will receive discounts on room rates 7 days a week. 80% off every Monday and Tuesday. 20% off all other days. After “unpacking” in the room, go eat something light at the hotel’s restaurant, discounted with your VIP card/membership, relax, go back to your room, shower and shave, and get ready to walk into the Happiest Place on Earth. Walk inside the club and look around until you see a girl you like and walk to the girl you like/want and ask her in English, “Hi beautiful; do you speak English?” If she says yes, a little, or not, is up to you to start making it an interesting game to “communicate” that you like her and want to have sex/make love to her. The only two words you really need to learn is “arriba?” (to the room upstairs) and cuanto? (How much is the cost?) Then it is the numbers game; $100 (cien) $90 (noventa) $80 (ochenta) $70 (setenta) $60 (sesenta) $50 (cincuenta) $40 (cuarenta) $30 (treinta) $20 (veinte) $10 (diez) $5 (cinco) $2 (dos) $1 (1) Because you don’t speak Spanish be prepared for misunderstandings and somethings lost in translation, just ask for someone that speak English to help you, most people would be happy to help, tip accordingly if they are working. Don’t overthink things, nothing is going to be exactly like you imagined or were told, just be prepared for the worst and hope for the best that way you won’t be surprised or disappointed. Just relax stay open to the positive experiences so you can have a good enjoyable time at The Happiest Place on Earth (according to Krusty) [view link] Just remember to be careful out there, and Pics and Vids or it didn’t happen. :D
9 months ago
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