Need suggestions

Sunday, May 30, 2021 10:15 PM
Soon I will be visiting some other towns, need suggestions of any clubs. Indianapolis, Columbus, and Madison. Thanks


You're better off specifying what you're looking for in terms of dancer-type and mileage
3 years ago
Indy - Brad's, Dancers and Rio are the 3 best imho. PT's has the best eye candy but the mileage is too low and the prices are too high for me. Columbus - Vanity and Columbus Gold are the two best options lately unless Sirens has reopened since the last time I was in town in March. Roadhouse is the only option for full nude but the talent level has been more miss than hit over the past few years. Never been to Madison so I can't help there.
3 years ago
I second what whodey says on Indy. My regular at PT's moved from PT's to Brad's because PT's prices are too high and made it hard to sell rooms. I go to the Pony to see a Mexican dancer named Miracle. Sometimes a club may not be good overall but if you find one girl you really like it's still worth going there.
3 years ago
When I've been to Indianapolis, I've had good times at both Brad's and Dancers. Dancers is a nicer club, with much better views of the stages, and the regular lap dances are in separate booths with a little more privacy. Brad's is more cramped and not as good for stage watching, but you get more interaction with tips if you're sitting at the stage. The regular lap dances are much less private on shared benches, but they have better private/VIP options than at Dancers. I had similar mileage in them for regular dances (some touching, decent grind), and somewhat more in a private VIP at Brad's. (I haven't been to either since the pandemic, for what it's worth.) In Madison, there's just Silk on the west side (Visions downtown has closed). Silk is a comfortable club, and I've had some good eye candy there, but dance mileage is very low (often sit-on-your-hands low, though there was sometimes an ok grind). A little bit north of Madison is Club Bristol, which is more like a small neighborhood bar, and the dance spots aren't terribly comfortable, but significantly more touching was allowed than at Silk. However, Bristol closed after several gunshot incidents in their parking lot. I can't find whether they've reopened or not. The last news I saw was that they had an agreement with the town to not sue each other for a couple of years while they looked for another location, but I can't tell if they've opened their doors.
3 years ago
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