Anybody have an opinion of onlyfans.com?

Sunday, March 29, 2020 2:03 PM
I know a couple of strippers that have started a account or page on this site recently due to the Coronavirus I'm normally not into pics / porn /nudes whatever you want to call it but if it's someone I actually know and could physically touch at some point :-) I might be into it.


  • whodey
    4 years ago
    Almost a complete waste of money in my opinion. The only positive I could see is possibly building trust/favor from a dancer you are try to get extras from either ITC or OTC but haven't been able to seal the deal yet.
  • Cristobal
    4 years ago
    I would not pay for onlyfans, Cam sites, Snapchat Premium, or any other type of eye candy site, not when there is access to so much free eye candy on the Internet. I would save the money for the ITC or OTC. Some might suggest it might help gain some brownie points with a DS while the clubs are closed, honestly, I doubt she would remember the PLs following her once the clubs reopen.
  • wallanon
    4 years ago
    Hey Butter. Whodey isn't wrong, but the thing to keep in mind is what you're getting out of the exchange. If the pics, vids, and goodwill are worth it to you then by all means go for it. And if you already have a good ITC rapport with the dancers, showing them some support while clubs are closed could be a good thing. But it also dilutes your spending and signals there's another path to cash from you.
  • shanny72
    4 years ago
    All depends on the girl and if you like pics/video/chat. Most are overpriced but there are a few gems
  • Eve
    4 years ago
    Online sex work and face to face sex work are two different chapters in the same book. The online girls don't want to do meet-ups and the guys don't want to pay for anything they can't put their hands on. This shouldn't be surprising, even if we're solely talking about strippers. Outside the guys that just want to see a girl's pussy online no matter the cost, some guys prefer Onlyfans because they're too incredibly socially awkward with interacting with women in general - let alone dancers - so they use their money to try and get as close and personal to their selected girl as possible in hopes that she'll find him special. If it gets too far, this is usually the start of an unhealthy one-sided relationship. If you're really opposed to buying content but still want to give your stripper some modicum of support until you can see her again, you can just subscribe for one month and then cancel or send her a tip instead. And honestly, if you can't convince a stripper to give you extras ITC or OTC face to face, I don't see how interacting with her more online would work any better - especially if you're staying anon and she has no idea which customer you are. A lot of girls are choosing camming/OnlyFans over OTC or sugar dating right now so that they don't HAVE to deal with the in-person pressure for something beyond their limits. That's my observation.
  • lopaw
    4 years ago
    Lots of LA strippers are joining that site. Just like with cam sites, I have no interest in it at all. To each their own, but I need the real thing that I can physically touch. Onscreen poon just won't cut it.
  • bkkruined
    4 years ago
    Locally, there are a couple of bikini baristas that have content on onlyfans. And I have been tempted to look, wanting to see a bit more of a few of them. But am too, um, polite to go ask them if it's only some glam nudes or if they are doing solo porn, toy insertions, and such, cause I'm sure just a could nice nudes aren't enough to bother paying. Beyond that, dancers I've met, I could be interested but none have ever told me about content they have. I'm really more interested in meeting, and touching. But, a nice personal video is always better than nothing when I can't make it in person. And it I haven't met them. Forget it, plenty of free porn is available. There are a few times I've had girls let me pull out a camera... And it's always cool to go back and watch. Seeing her by herself might also be nice, even if we've never gotten that far before. But I've just never really been quite interested enough to complete the transaction.
  • ButterMan
    4 years ago
    Like whodey said...I would be doing it strictly for brownie points during the shutdown. One these strippers is potentially my next OTC conquest. I'm normal not really into pics and videos but in this case it's someone I actually know and have a chance to actually have physical contact with again it might work.
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