Friday, November 1, 2019 12:25 PM
What is with all the girls with tats & piercings? I was in a club recently and a tall dancer got on stage: 5' 9" + before heals, 125 lbs, B-C cup, 35"-36" long dark hair, eyes that grabbed you, and legs that made an ass of themselves. She came up on stage to start her set and it was obvious that she had dance training judging by her flexibility and grace. VERY hot, she was a 9.5 in my book except she was tattooed EVERYWHERE. She had a nose piercing and nipple rings(no labia or clitoral piercings<nude club>) but tat on her who body including around her anus around her nipples and labia. Not to say she was one massive tattoo but there were lots. Many of the girls I see today have tats. Is it an addition? Or is it like Lays potato Chips: can't have just one! I have thought about how it might be cool to get a tat but then I think "Why?". I have seen a lot of bad tats and many old wrinkly ones(most look really bad unless they are small, simple, or military, like "Airborn or Semper Fi")


  • Tiredtraveler
    5 years ago
    Addiction not addition (darned spell checker)
  • mjx01
    5 years ago
    preaching to the choir brother. I can't fathom why anyone would get a tattoo... and it is even more sad when it is an otherwise smokin' hot woman who is ruining her looks.
  • Muddy
    5 years ago
    I could go either way on it honestly TT. I don't get the obsession either but I'm just accepting it because I'm focusing on other things.
  • wiffle shwaffle
    5 years ago
    That club may cater to the alternative look. Some clubs (a lot in Portland) are like that. Rock themed bars as well. She could be a suicide girl as well. Most tattoos have a story. That's ruining looks is just an opinion. Now some can be distasteful or placed in poor spots (I hate chest tats and full sleeves), but they don't ruin somebody's look per se. Just because you guys may not like alternative looks doesn't mean there's going to be several others out there who find it hot as fuck. I have one tattoo. I guess I'm ruined from it. Damn.
  • Subraman
    5 years ago
    I enjoy complaining about tats and piercings as much as the next guy. That said, I'm not entirely sure I've noticed a huge difference in the past few decades. 30 years ago, we were all on usenet, complaining that all the strippers had tats and piercings. Now we're on a forum on the web, complaining about the exact same thing. It's always been the case that the type of men who are successful enough to afford being an SC regular, generally come from an educational and cultural background that gives them negative views of tats and piercings. And the type of women who become strippers come from an educational and cultural background that appreciates tats and piercings. One of the many ironies of SCing lol
  • gammanu95
    5 years ago
    I used to see dancers and models as "marred" by tattoos. I don't have any, but thats just because I havent seen one that is worth the money or of the personal significance that Inwould want it scarred into my flesh. My opinion of tattoos on women has mellowed. I think its mostly desensitization given how commonplace they have become. I will refer to my comment in another thread, where if you going to all in, you need to shoot for the Sistine Chapel and not some patchwork quilt.
  • SirLapdancealot
    5 years ago
    @Tiredtraveler welcome to my world. Out here in Portland it's tattooed strippers everywhere. And yes there are some really bad ones on otherwise hot as fuck strippers. I don't mind most of them but goddam there are some that completely take away from natural beauty. Take for example a stripper with perfectly perky all natural C-cups and then right beneath them is the zombie apocalypse all around her stomach. True story. SMH.
  • azdd
    5 years ago
    I don’t know Subraman, there is no question tats are more prevalent and mainstream now than ever before. I don’t mind a few tats, but piercings are a turnoff for me and nipple piercings are a deal killer for me, regardless of how hot she is.
  • Cristobal
    5 years ago
    I like tatoos, some are very sexy. That being said, too many and in the wrong places can be distracting. I remember one of the hottest dancers I first met had a Raider logo on one side of her upper back and then a picture of her son on the other side, it was a deal breaker for me, too weird even for me.
  • elmer
    5 years ago
    I'm not big on tats either but learned to overlook them and focus on the person. A while back this young cute dancer with way too much ink was telling me about the late model used car she just purchased. Wanted to know how to remove the small dealership sticker off of the rear. I advised use caution so not to peal the paint Maybe just cover it up with others bumper stickers. She was adamant that she wasn't going to "ugly up" her car. I said but when you tire of them they can be removed and replaced with new. It went way over her head. I've often wonded if it ever clicked.
  • georgmicrodong
    5 years ago
    I've seen some tats I don't care for, but in the main, I think tattoos do nothing at all to harm a girl's looks, and at their best, enhance it. Piercings can be hot as well, but I'll freely admit that's largely a Pavlovian response on my part, as the kind of girls who get odd places pierced are, in my experience, statistically more likely to enjoy a little, or much, pain along with their pleasures.
  • rl27
    5 years ago
    There has always been tattoos on strippers as long as I visited clubs, but I agree the amount of tattoos has gone way up. Up until about 5 years ago, the most I ever saw on a woman's tits were a hart, rose or some other simple tattoo on her tits. Now I see many dancers with tattoos all across their chest. Has much the same look as this woman [view link] Except she has a similar chest tattoo to Alby Rydes [view link] I normally am not attracted to that many tattoos, but her sales pitch was too good to ignore, and her dance was even more amazing than her sales pitch.
  • Jascoi
    5 years ago
    I prefer none.
  • Neobwh
    5 years ago
    As my ATF says - don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley
  • stripperlover777
    6 months ago
    If A Dancer Needs A Tatt, Think A ⭐Star Tatt On The Neck (Small Size) Would Look Cute! Lookin' @ That Star Tatt On The Neck Every Time I Kisss Mi Girl Would B Hot 🔥 *******Strippers Cheers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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