“Gasoed” needs to be in the glossary now.

Just a fat, creepy old pervert.
Friday, January 4, 2019 5:58 AM
Title says it all.


  • twentyfive
    6 years ago
    ^Definition please
  • K
    6 years ago
    Why does a mispelling of "gasped" need to be in the glossary ?
  • jackslash
    6 years ago
    That was a funny typo. It took me a minute to figure out "gasoed."
  • JamesSD
    6 years ago
    I feel like I've finally made a real contribution to this community.
  • gawker
    6 years ago
    We shouldn’t be lassoed into making this change.
  • georgmicrodong
    6 years ago
    Issa joke.
  • daddyfatsack
    6 years ago
    That post did make me chuckle at work. Def needs to be added
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