OT: Hard Knocks Cleveland

Fuck Joe Biden
Saturday, August 11, 2018 5:32 AM
Love Hard Knocks and watch it every year, its not great every year, but this year could be pretty good. After watching the firs episode it is very clear why Cleveland can have a lot of talent and continue to be bad. It is clear they have no idea what they are doing and Hue Jackson has no idea how to be a head coach, no discipline, doesn't know how to talk to his players, guy has no passion. He seems to be a guy who is probably a great coordinator like Rex Ryan but not a head coach. Cleveland doesn't know how to win and this series so far makes it no clue as to why. Other observations: Tyrod Taylor seems like a solid guy and a real professional, he will be let go next year when the move to Baker Mayfield, it will be the wrong move. Mayfield seems like he could go either way and either be really good nor another Johnny Manziel, not in the party way but not putting in the extra work and doing the minimum. Cleveland has some good assistant coaches in Gregg Williams and Todd Haley (who has been a head coach) and Hue isn't going to really listen to them and they will win 4 games instead of 7 or 8. I don't have any vested interest in the Browns they have been bad in forever so I wouldn't mind them turning it around and make the league a little more interesting but I don't see it happening and they draft picks they have make it a total waste. Anyone else watch, what are your thoughts?


  • ime
    6 years ago
    Also loved Willie McGinest one of my all time favorite Patriots giving pass rush move advice and tips to Myles Garrett after the interview or whatever they were doing.
  • _Constantine_
    6 years ago
    Haley has already been openly recorded contradicting and undermining Jackson at team meetings. Granted he always rubbed people the wrong way in Pittsburgh but I think it’s obvious no one really respects Hugh... He made a lot of poor choices last year in close games and lost them for The Browns. Overall if he does bad this year he’s gone. They have a good roster so now his incompetence will truly show. If he does well perhaps his poor coaching was the result of having a glorified Canadian Football roster with college level garbage on the first string.
  • TheeOSU
    6 years ago
    I don't have HBO but considered getting it for a month to watch Hard Knocks. Jackson stinks and ownership is just as bad for keeping him. 1-31 and Jackson is still in charge, that's crazy! There's no comparison between train wreck manziel and Mayfield. Mayfield is serious and doing everything asked of him and earned everything he's received so far. manziel was an entitled party boy. There's no guarantee that Mayfield will succeed but if he doesn't it won't be because of lack of effort or desire. Williams and Haley both have NFL head coach experience and I'm counting the days until one of them replaces Jackson but ownership has a record of picking the wrong guy for the job.
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