California Exodus

Fuck Joe Biden
Friday, February 9, 2018 6:20 PM
Have people finally had enough of San Jose Guy and said fuck it I am out of here? No one wants to live near creepy Lloyd Schoene. I guess and also they are sick of the crazy real estate prices and horrible policies. [view link]


  • MackTruck
    6 years ago
    I drive them out with the dumping of my truck in nice neighborhoods
  • mark94
    6 years ago
    California used to be a paradise. No longer. Middle class workers leave while the super rich and the poor stay. Good luck with that !
  • lopaw
    6 years ago
    All I gotta say is "don't let the door slam your asses on the way out".
  • TeoTommy
    6 years ago
    The state of California has determined that looking at nekid wimin causes cancer of the eye, fingers tips and scrotum. Also, everything in Whole Foods. I saw the sign.
  • shadowcat
    6 years ago
    I was born there and lived there for 45 years before a merger forced me to move to Georgia. I've been retired since 2009 and have no desire to move back there or even visit. I've been a political independent my entire life but the Damnocrats have really fucked up that state.
  • orionsmith
    6 years ago
    I wouldn't want to live next door to SGJ secret basement bunker. No telling how many weird people wandering around the bunker. Someone actually asked me if I was interested in a job there the other day. I live in South Carolina. I don't know why people think you are always better than locals if you're not from an area. I figure I will probably have to move again. If I could list several other states I've lived in, no one would think I was from South Carolina anymore.
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