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God Bless Dancers
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Professional Driver and Strip Club Enthuses. We drive Shit Trucks and we accept shit coins. If you need us to dump a load in someones basement, we can do that for shit coins. If you find our trolling funny, please donate to farther our reach and abilities. Addresses are posted below. Thank you for your support and God Bless! Bitcoin 1JGFsdr4u5dNsFhDhHTKxLjLWjyCYDB2Eu Litecoin LMdbBiCRyFB1m7AgFrcczNeTHDcM4zX2Kq Ethereum 0x0E69BE24D3BA1b9A6790f37515a5aF13FE4dCa4a Monero 49D4RCEEWTQV33eUEMFmbgbPMTQx6sVC9gCuEeFRAz1XSaXVac732DGe8RxkXYy6KHjG2VM2nWZxLU4Yw1r4jFq9E1jLZwc