May be on the west side of Chicago next month.

Monday, September 18, 2017 12:32 PM
What are now the best clubs, adult clubs, etc to tour. I know some of the clubs, Atlantic, Fantasy, Club O, Club 390(was good years ago), Arnie's I will pass on as I am not into thick black women and the neighborhood has gotten rougher for old white guys like me, Industrial strip I have never liked the times I have been in there, PT's has been bulldozed and they likely had to disinfect the area. I asked years ago if 15th Ave Bookstore in Melrose Park should be on my tour stops, what is it like now? I see lots of rub down places all over now too. I know there are some PL's from Chi town How about a little info.


  • pensionking
    7 years ago
    1. Fantasy before 5:00 2. Honey's if you want FS after 7:00 3. Heavenly Bodies, west of OHare, if you want lookie but only one way contact 4. Don't give up on Arnies -- especially before sundown. Neighborhood not an issue for you, especially, during daylight. (actually I've never had an issue with the area, but never been there after 9:00, myself).
  • JohnSmith69
    7 years ago
    Its a weak area for strip clubs, but Atlantic is a good club although it's been a while. I've also had fun at Indus Strip although you don't seem to like it.
  • chessmaster
    7 years ago
    I say save your money as even the good ones are overpriced.
  • rockstar666
    7 years ago
    My main club is Heavenly Bodies, and for out of towners the contact is pretty one way because that's the kind of club it is, but for regulars with the right dancer you get a lot more contact that what one might expect from its reputation. If you're in the Harvey area though as it seems you will be, it's probably not worth the trip. You'll get better mileage from the regular Harvey's area clubs.
  • dtb08
    7 years ago
    If you're looking for a good variety and a nice and classy fully nude club then go to Admiral Theatre. Northwest side so not a far commute. Good contact, extras, etc.
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