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Tuesday, March 26, 2024 10:19 PM
Nowdays Japanese currency is getting super cheap! Therefore I think there might be some tuscl members are planning to visit Japan for visit. You might want to experience what is sexual content is like in Japan. However, surprisingly, prostitution in Japan is illegal. According to Japanese law, direct penetration is forbidden but HJ or BJ are not forbidden. Now some of you might think this is strange because you actually might heard about something different. Today I would like to list what kind of sexual service you can find from Japan. Before starting, since the Japanese Yen is getting super cheap, I heard that everything in Japan is getting expensive. The price I am listing is price few years ago. Since there were 20 years deflation in Japan, even though you list old price, Japanese did not increased the price from that. However, this could change nowadays. 1. Strip Theater Strip Theater is like a theater where Japanese actress is coming up and show performance. Cover charge is typically 4000 ~ 5000 yen but some of them have discounts. Each of actress have own individual show and they show dances along the music. Typically one actress have their own show based on 3 songs. From first song the actress dances with their cloth on. From second song she starts taking off what she wears, and finally they shows the audience fully naked dance from the last song. The Strip Theater seems similar to Strip Club but it is actually a theater, so you have to seat and watch the show. Mostly the audiences are Japanese old guys above 60 (From appearance I want to say even 70). After the show, the audiences have chance to take a picture with the actress. The price is 500 yen and the customers use old digital camera owned by the theater. You can ask actress either wear the cloth or take off the cloth. 2. Oppai Pub Oppai means boobs in Japanese. As you can connect it from the name, Oppai Pub is a pub where you can touch, lick Japanese girl's boobs. The basic rule in this place is simple. Only Upper body is allowed. You are allowed to kiss, touch and suck the nipples but you can not do anything with lower body. One thing you should remind is that this place is typically performed on open place so The price is typically 5000 ~ 6000 yen for 30 min. 3. Pinsaro From this option, you can have happy ending. Pinsaro gives BJ to the customers. The price is typically 6000 ~ 10000 yen for 30 min service. If you pay nomination fee (typically 2000 yen), you can choose a girl who will give you BJ. If you don't pay nomination fee, random girl from the shop will give you BJ. Unfortunately, most of Pinsaros don't accept foreign customers. Even for some exceptions, you should be able to speak basic Japanese. You will be able to find this kind of information online, so please search first and then decide where to visit. 4. Soap-land 'Officially' Soap-land is not a place for prostitution. They say they are giving bath service but the bath service lady and the customers suddenly got horny so they fucked each other. Of course this is a lie. Yes, Soap-land is actually Japanese brothel. Actual penetration to vagina is happening this place and some places can offer additional services based on options which you choose. The price for Soap-land varies a lot so I cannot give you the typical price. Also most of all, most of them also does not accept foreigners. Nowadays they say there are some places with exceptions, but you should figure out that first. 5. Tobita Shinchi In Osaka, Soap-land is not allowed based on the city regulation. So, they have different serivce names Tobita Shinchi. Of course, since prostitution is illegal in Japan, 'Officially' Tobita Shinchi is not also a brothel but it is a restaurant. the ladies in Tobita Shinchi is 'Officially' server of the restaurant, but when you visit this place and pay money, the server suddenly gets horny and takes out the condom. After that you will put the condom accidentally and server will be naked accidentally and you will have sex with her accidentally. Since everything happened accidentally, they say this is not a prostitution. What a joke. There are Tobita Shinchies in same alley and girls will be seating on the tatami waiting for nomination. If you choose a girl, you can go on to the main game. Like I mentioned earlier, Tobita Shinchi is only in Osaka, however, not like Soap-land, most of Tobita Shinchies allow foreigners and they don't even require the customers to speak Japanese. (Of course you need to know how to ask price and time. But you can even do it with google nowadays.)Price differs by time Typically 20 min for 16000 yen and 30 min for 21000 yen.


This reads as if it was generated by AI.
2 months ago
When I was stationed there back in '64 and '65 you could get BBFS from a bar bar girl for $10 for all night at her apartment or some times a cheap motel and that included tea for breakfast.
a month ago
and wasn't it like $5 in Vietnam??
a month ago
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