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I’ve had enough and I can’t take it any more
Friday, July 28, 2023 10:58 PM
In this hobby there’s always a trade off between looks and cost. Cost can also vary widely by location. Let’s take a trip around the world. In the U.S., I’ve found large cities like Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco to be expensive without much reward; Philly is a hard pass, while some clubs in New Jersey are worth a visit (here’s to Playhouse in Burlington). In Los Angeles, at least in the outer lying area of COI, value for money can be found at Synn. If in San Diego, might as well cross the border to Tijuana. Vegas is a touristy ripoff. Portland and Seattle used to be worthwhile, but have gone downhill over the past 10 years. I still miss the windows (but not the sticky floor) at Lusty Lady…good times! Dallas can have some gems, but better bargains can be found in Atlanta and in the suburbs of Detroit. Southern Florida is spotty unless you like Latinas. Speaking of Latinas, Costa Rica and Brazil are awesome, just need to watch your back. Europe has some beautiful ladies, with London being my favorite for the variety and quality available in the escort market. Germany’s houses of ill repute are not my style, although an occasional visit can make me rethink my perspective. I’ve never had much luck in France, but Spain, especially Barcelona, can be a goldmine. Prague and Budapest are still a lot of fun, and while Kiev used to be fun, it is now a no go zone for obvious reasons. Australia has legal brothels that make the experience too sanitized for my tastes. My preferred location for great low cost time with attractive ladies is still SE Asia. I’m convinced the Buddhist religion and Asian culture foundations result in women who honestly enjoy pleasuring a man. Nothing better than a petite Asian girl with long black hair, almond doe eyes, large natural breasts, and a tight slightly hairy pussy giving her all to make me a happy man, all at a price point that makes being a regular customer feasible. Geylang in Singapore is a goldmine of ladies from around the region with the good stuff available with a lady handpicked from a fishbowl. Gogos in Bangkok or Manila are different than clubs in the U.S., with short-term or long-term takeout the order of the day. Benefit of Manila is the girls speak English but many are MILFs, while the benefit of Bangkok is the girls don’t speak English so dialogue is not necessary, but I don’t like the all too common full back tattoo. Prices are generally similar in both cities. Malaysia has dried up since CoVid. Lowest cost is a place called ACE in KL. Walk up the stalled escalator to what looks like a food court in a shopping mall. The girls stand around waiting to be approached. After a brief interaction, the girl leads the customer to the elevator and then to a rented former hotel room in the building. Girls are not necessarily beautiful, but they are willing and able to put a smile on the face. PRC has gone cold during CoVid as well with new laws and strict enforcement putting a damper on all forms of fun. Really unfortunate because Dongguan (outside of Guangzhou) used to be a man’s paradise. Saunas and KTVs had beautiful girls from across China. The saunas had literally hundreds of attractive girls trained in a standard routine that satisfied even the most jaded PL. Getting a BBBJ from a girl gyrating while suspended upside down on a red rope swing was an experience never to be forgotten. For the cheapskate, there were alleyways full on second-tier women eager to please. Walk ups in Hong Kong are still available and a good deal, especially for Thais and Viets. Certain buildings (best known is the Fuji building in Wanchai) that is literally “floors of whores”. The girls each rent a small room with a bed and bathroom. Take the elevator to the top floor and walk floor to floor knocking on doors and eagerly anticipating what can be found behind each door. Sometimes, even a Russian or Eastern European is found. Cheaper options are found on Temple Street street market, which is one of the only places in the world where I suggest talking to the touts sitting outside entrances to apartment buildings. They’ll lead you to a nest of mediocre Thai girls who will give you short-time pleasure. I’d like to sample Central Asia, but Africa and India are not on my bucket list. Overall, I’ll occasionally splurge on quality, but the frugal me still prefers having more adventures with a higher volume of providers. Time to move on, the road is calling.


  • Jascoi
    a year ago
    not an article should be posted as a discussion???? really?
  • JAprufrock
    a year ago
    Damn. You have to be the most well-traveled man on TUSCL. Thanks for this. Makes me want to pack up and leave the house more often and not just to TJ. Never ceases to amaze me the incredible number of legal pay to play options in this great world, and really none of them in the U.S.
  • captainfun
    10 months ago
    Impressive summary Surprised that anyone would down vote this as article.
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