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Over 30 years of club going around the country. Was a regular in a local titty bar back in the day before there was such things as table dances, lap dances and VIP rooms. I hung out there because of the friendships I developed, even sold my car to the doorman (for his Mom) when I moved out of town. Later in life, I'd sample the local clubs whenever I traveled. I've probably been to well over 100 with thousands of lap dances, VIP and a small smattering of ITC and OTC. I'm an old PL now, don't get out nearly as much as I'd like. Still, I search for the pleasant distraction, conversation and alcohol when I can, to take my mind off my still sorry state. Oh, and years ago I did get a VIP dance from the girl in my banner at Bare Elegance in LA. She told me she was a model and sure enough.