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    10 years ago
    The Sirens' Song
    To escape, to forget my troubled married life, my stagnant - frustrating work life and fill the time instead with distraction has been the reason for my club forays for over 20 years. I am more myself and at...
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    12 years ago
    At a club this past weekend. I told the girl I was with that I do "research" when ever I travel to figure out where I'm going to go. She asked where and I said a website that...
  • article
    13 years ago
    It was all about the Show
    <div class="usercontent" style="display: inline;"> Back in bygone days it seems now, the clubs were all about the show.<br /> <br /> Before Table Dances, then Lap Dances, then VIP and Champagne Rooms, there was the Show. I still enjoy it and have lamented...
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    14 years ago
    The Lowest of the Low
    In that horribly overacted Costner film, Waterworld, there is one character I have sympathy for, the old man in the small boat floating on the oil and in the complete darkness of the supertanker's hold. Don't really remember why...