Best Picks in Charlotte/Greensboro/Raleigh/Durham

Saturday, May 27, 2023 11:31 PM
I'm driving from Alabama to Virginia soon and looking for a place to stop. Got some flexibility, but looking to stop somewhere in NC. Favorite clubs/dancers? Obviously, high mileage / extras are a plus...


  • Papi_Chulo
    a year ago
    You've been a member for 3-years and haven't contributed anything to the site and now u want all the info u can get handed to you? That's not really how the site works.
  • jimkirk1234
    a year ago
    No, you're right. I'm out of line. We take a kid. He joins the site, not really in a position to participate. He finally gets to where he has an opportunity. He has time, he has a little cash set aside, so he can actually treat the girls right. He turns to the community for some direction, some pointers. And we tell him, "kick rocks, kid. Figure it out on your own." After all, that's how the rest of us did it, right? That's definitely the best way to build this community. I don't know what I was thinking...
  • Call.Me.Ishmael
    a year ago
    While I'd steer clear of providing specific, granular intel, I can't see the harm in providing a high-level "Try X club. I had a lot of fun there. It's a bit of a dive." I don't think that's betraying state's secrets. And after that it's up to Jim to reach out via PM to that member to see if he has more info he'd like to share (or not). I'm not a fan of new guys showing up and wanting names, menus, and prices for specific clubs. But this isn't that. Anyway, I don't know that region and can't help. Sorry.
  • EastCoaster
    a year ago
    OK, jimkirk1234, based on [view link].Ishmael's resonable comment, I'll try to help you out. You said, "driving from Alabama to Virginia...looking to stop somewhere in NC... Obviously, high mileage / extras are a plus..." I don't know your exact route, but you will likely be passing through some of the absolute worst states in the U.S. for strip-clubbing: Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Your best bet is to plan to drive through Georgia and stop in Atlanta. North Carolina strip clubs are notorious for high prices, extremely low mileage, and no extras. Your best chance for extras is at Southside Johnny's in Greensboro, which is the state's only nude club (which, btw, means no alcohol). It is a mid-tier club at best, often not open until 10:30 pm and closes at 4:00 am. The cover is a whopping $40, and the last person to post a review said he had to pay $30 to park, which is the only time I've ever seen a report of being charged for parking there. I visited SSJ while passing through last December and reported in my review about additional prices changes: "the two private rooms are now $160 for 15 minutes and $310 for 30 minutes – up from $140 and $260 as recently as this past September. " If you're lucky, extras might happen, but you will pay an additional premium for that on top of the room fee. You may also pay with your life. Since my last visit to SSJ, there was yet another shooting there -- inside the club -- where six people were injured and another died from his gunshot wounds. Just sayin'. [view link] Good luck.
  • ptorrent3
    10 months ago
    SSJ’s closed temporarily in Feb after a shooting, not sure if it’s open again or not, so you might want to call and check. Outside of that, my favorite clubs in central NC are Teasers in Durham and Treasure Club in Greensboro. They aren’t quite as expensive as other clubs in the area, and 2-way contact outside of genitalia is fine. Treasure does have a limo and extras can sometimes be available. Most clubs are topless only.
  • LVclubber
    10 months ago
    I'll second Teasers in Durham. Laid back club. Good two way contact upstairs. Downstairs is pretty much air dancing only.
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