Etiquette Question

Monday, October 15, 2018 8:02 AM
Is it OK to scratch one’s hemorrhoids out on the floor, or should one wait until one is back in the VIP to do it? Will the dancer mind if one tries to finger her with the same finger(s)? Asking for a friend...


That’s a question for Cflock, I don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary to answer a question like that.
6 years ago
Save yourself the worry. Ask the bathroom troll to get in there and release the itching with his hairbrush. It will be incredibly satisfying - and much cheaper. Then - ask the dancer to rim you after. Just set the price before she sees your dingleberries...
6 years ago
I'm in a restaurant right now. People around me are wondering what I'm laughing at so hard.
6 years ago
6 years ago
I can never tell whether georgmicrodong is trolling us or not. On the one hand, he complains incessantly about trolls and laments the need to click more than once to ignore people. On the other hand, his name is georgmicrodong and he asks about scratching hemorrhoids on the strip club floor. Wait, does georgmicrodong = juicebox69? If so, I say brilliant. If not I think he needs a listermint enema to treat his hemorrhoids!
6 years ago
Scraping hemmeroids out on the floor sounds very painful and bloody....
6 years ago
@Warrior, thanks. *Your* comment made me laugh out loud in a similar situation. :)
6 years ago
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