Weird Experiences?

Friday, December 29, 2006 4:29 PM
Just curious in what the weirdest experiences people ever had at the club? Just thought I would share mine, I was sitting at the bar nursing a beer, watching and scouting the talent. An older gentleman (50s) starts talking with me about his favorite dancers, the ones that he likes, the ones that he doesn't. I am listening because I haven't been at this club enough to know the dancers, chiming in occassionally when I see one that interests me or I had a dance. Nothing odd about this until he starts talking about his wife. His wife is in her mid-late 20s and is currently dating other men. He has no problem with it. He talks about her looking like Anna K (tennis player) and the body of Anna Nicole (good years). He says they have been married 5 years and she wants kids and is ready to move on. Now it doesn't sound like a divorce is happening, but that she was a mail order bride and she needs a new husband. On some level, I felt the guy was trying to see if I was interested. I was just a little too creeped out by the situation to even stutter something out. Just a weird experience.


I was 12 or 13 years old, and on my own during Marid Gras before the French Quarter was "cleaned up" for the 1984 World's Fair. I walked in to (what is now) Dixie Divas or the Artist Cafe on Iberville, well off Bourbon Street, effectively in a dark alley. The (male) bartender was bartering with a very wealthy looking pimp type of dude, tall, black, wearing a leisure suit and a fedora with a ridiculous feather that matched his high-heel boots. "Five bucks." "Ten." "No, five is the most." Eventually they agree on a ridiculously low price. The bartender steps out from behind the bar, gets on his knees, and gives the pimp a blowjob. I walk out of the club. Very weird.
Book Guy
17 years ago
Weird, let's see... I would say the one on the top of my list was a dancer hanging from the ceiling on a rail and was in the process of turning upside down wheb the rail and dancer fell to the stage. She didn't seem to be hurt, but the ceiling certainly was.
17 years ago
I made a bizarrely timed roadtrip down to Lawrence Kansas and went to the Flamingo club the day the University of Kansas was in the Final Four. So naturally, they got the game on TV and every single head was looking at the TV, which was on a movie-theater like screen at the opposite end of the building from the stage. So I tip a dancer and suddenly there is a roar and the girl jumps and I get a faceful of bush. It was just weird.
17 years ago
For me weird implies unusual or something that may have happened only once at least while I was there. Right now I'm only thinking of a few different things which may or may not be too weird to some other people. I remember I saw a dancer fall off of a tall stage and didn't get back up. A bouncer came over and carried her off. Hopefully she didn't break anything. Another time I saw a guy knocked out cold lying on the floor. Apparently his wife had come into the strip club and hit him on the head with a beer bottle. The ambulance arrived shortly afterwards. Another time I remember a crazy shooter was on the news as having shot up some people on a military base nearby. I heard most people who got shot were in the special forces. When I went to visit one club, across from me sat various guys with bandages, arm slings, and other injuries. Lol, I was thinking afterwards most of the special forces must visit this strip club. One of the weirdest things I heard about was when I was hanging out with 3 dancers (one I knew) and they were with 2 guys (3 counting me). One dancer mentioned something about a military plane explosion where several people died. Basically one guy was pissed off because he was declared dead. That was the first dead guy I ever talked to.
17 years ago
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