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Monday, September 18, 2017 12:23 PM
What is your favorite city in the USA to go clubbing. I personally prefer the Detroit metro area: good variety of clubs and dancers, from the lower end clubs like Henry the 8 to higher end Penthouse. Not overpriced, hotels are reasonable and you can find a wide variety of talent. I have individual clubs I like elsewhere but I have to go with Detroit over all. I have been to Vegas, NYC, Portland, San Francisco, LA, COI, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Providence, Chicago, St Louis and many others. Providence used to be better but in no longer that good. Which city do you prefer?


  • etsutwigg222
    7 years ago
    Detroit. But LA is a close second because I can make the 4 hour trip down to TJ for real action!!!
  • shailynn
    7 years ago
    Detroit, full service clubs and casinos/poker rooms nearby as well. 2nd place would be Phoenix.
  • Tiredtraveler
    7 years ago
    I should add that I also like Phoenix because the women are much hotter than LA
  • pensionking
    7 years ago
    Detroit LA never been to TJ or ATL
  • JohnSmith69
    7 years ago
    My fav is Miami, followed by Detroit and Atlanta. Phoenix and LA are good but not quite in the same league in my view.
  • wallanon
    7 years ago
    Still haven't been to Phoenix, but from what I've seen in recent years it's Detroit. Other places at their peak were near that level, but now it's an easy call.
  • Warrenboy75
    7 years ago
    I don't travel as much as I once did but Dallas was always at the top of my list when I did. Most of the places I go for work now are not at the top of anyone's list on this site.
  • lick-that
    7 years ago
    Mia Tampa Houston. Atl becoming too commercial, as is Mia to an extent. LA is decent but not as gritty as I like it. Haven't been to Pnx or Detroit, they sound like a great wknd trip, Pnx might be too far for my East coast Ass for a SC trip. Would rather go all that way for Vegas instead. NY NJ PHL have died a slow painful death.
  • silkypants
    7 years ago
    I like detroit and tj. Detroit is not as great as when the clubs were full of auto industry money, but the fun is still there. Tj maybe reaching it's peak. Last time I was at Hong kong, you could even walk around with all the people. Glad I don't live close to either of these places.
  • vincemichaels
    7 years ago
    OK, I'm biased to MIA because of the Latina factor. There are so much variance of cultures and genetics to create some truly knock dead gorgeous women. There are plenty of less beautiful. It helps to speak Spanish with some of the gals. I've been well versed in the language (Clubber will disagree ( LOL) )
  • crazyjoe
    7 years ago
  • rickdugan
    7 years ago
    Dallas is one of my favorites once I learned to avoid that tourist trap Baby Dolls. Pasco County Fl (30 minutes NW or Tampa) I've always enjoyed the Philly scene. There are a ton of clubs and I almost always finish the night at Show n Tel after sampling other places.
  • skibum609
    7 years ago
    Miami; Cocoa Beach or I stay in Providence where regulars rule.
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