OT - Dollar Shave Club product looks like cum

On the prowl in Tucson and Phoenix
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 10:06 PM
I'm a mostly satisfied customer of Dollar Shave Club. However, they sell a product called Dr. Carver's Shave butter, and this stuff looks just like freshly ejaculated cum! It provides a close shave, but it's a little creepy smearing jizz on your face. Seriously, Ben Stiller could have used this stuff in his famous There's Something About Mary scene. Anybody else use this stuff and notice the resemblance? The only thing missing is the smell!


Don't accidentally swallow any of it.
7 years ago
I use to use Dollar Shave Club, but moved on to Harry's it might cost a little more but I think it's better blades and products and still way cheaper than Gillette.
7 years ago
I use west coast shaving personally. But then again I prefer cut throat straights. They have a good selection of more traditional stuff too.
7 years ago
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