San_Jose_Guy has unlocked the secret to ANY Latina

Fuck Joe Biden
Monday, November 28, 2016 3:19 PM
"You can also dance with the girls. I know that if you do that, ANY Latina will just look into your eyes and turn you into jello." Lloyd Schoene [view link] How could men have been missing this for so long when it was in front of us all the time? We are all fools, I take back everything I have ever said about that shit heel Lloyd. So there we have it, mystery solved you find ANY Latina you want and just dance with her and she will fuck you. SJG is not just a weird bigot who lives in the basement and rapes women in their sleep, he is also the man who figured out how you get any Latina you want. How he managed to figure out the secret to all Latinas even though he asks the most common sense questions and has never taken the short trip to Tijuana when he has lived in Ca for 50 years yet managed to figure it out is a huge achievement. Now if he can just give us the cure to cancer.


  • mikeya02
    8 years ago
    I just watched *Rainman* the other night. I could not help think about SJG
  • Mate27
    8 years ago
    Ha ha ha ha ha!! My sides are aching!
  • shailynn
    8 years ago
    So you're saying next time my buddy Corey Feldman and I go out to Club Hakkasan in Vegas all I have to do to get all the latina babes is Moonwalk and borrow one of Corey's gloves?
  • ime
    8 years ago
    SJG says so, has he ever been wrong?
  • DoctorPhil
    8 years ago
    ANY latina except for his ex-mail order bride that is
  • mikeya02
    8 years ago
    ^^^^ Poor girl. Sexually and mentally abused. Probably called the police on her too
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