The odds are there is some upside

In NJ. Goes to Pa for BJ.
Tuesday, January 2, 2024 8:45 PM
Because I've been pursuing pussy for several decades as both civilian and monger, I can say with confidence that there is more downside than up. Still, the upside makes the pursuit worth the challenge. Like my recent visit to a nowhere club, a near void where the dancers always seemed to be too big, too old or too sloppy (or all three) - and the cameras in the couch room seemed to cap all the fun. Not this time. Young, slim and pretty, I took her for a dance because she seemed too good to be true. She was good. And this is true. When I hinted at a BJ, she quoted a reasonable price and told me exactly where to stand so the cameras wouldn't catch us. Then she dropped to her knees and showed me what the upside can be. In the civilian world, I'm a proficient lover, able to grasp what girls want and deliver satisfaction. In the monger world my approach is different. She wants my money. I want my orgasm. It's a pairing that works for us both. At a different club, I'd fucked the slim blonde before. She was excellent at oral. And for her own reasons (meaning I didn't prompt her at all), she'd climbed right on and fucked me raw. Even told me to cum inside. This time was much the same. Great oral followed by her climbing into my lap and onto my raging hard-on. What was different this time was she dropped her right hand to her crotch and started rubbing her clit. The honest truth is my mind began to question whether this was a ploy to run up the song count. Nope. Her breathing made that clear soon enough. Soon enough she collapsed into my chest. Her spasms milked a huge explosion from my cock. That was upside. And only one extra song for the extra fun. Also upside. Something similar happened at a favorite AMP. She was beautiful. Though late 30s, maybe 40, she had a perfect face and giant tits on a slim frame. Plus I love Asian girls. After massaging me, she invited me to massage her. I couldn't resist. One thing led to another, and I was eating her pussy. Then one thing led to yet another, and she was coming again and again. Then one thing led to another once more, and she was telling me to fuck her. AMP girls almost always are sticklers about condoms. Yet here she was repeating fuck me, fuck me. She was reaching down, grabbing my erection and pointing it at the target. What to do? Standing mish, I fucked her to yet another climax, which was more than enough for me. I pulled out and shot tight ropes all the way to those full, natural breasts. That was upside. Getting more than you pay for is always on the upside. A sleazy blonde had agreed to give me a blowjob at a bargain price in one downscale club. She was on her knees sucking better than most of my girlfriends have when her dancer girlfriend poked her head into the room. "What are you doing?" the friend asked, before walk right up and staring at the dancer on her knees with my dick in her mouth. Thinking we were busted, I was about to pull up my pants when she said: "I want some of that." To my delight, she dropped down beside her friend, grabbed my shaft and proceeded to lick and suck. Two girls are now sucking my dick. That doesn't happen every day. Upside, right? Right. Only it gets better. Friend doesn't ask for a penny. She just leaves. I ask my blonde friend if I should give her anything? She replies: "No. Fuck her." Can we, I think? Upside. (Though I never saw either one again.) At another AMP, I was disappointed when the only girl available wasn't my type. My disappointment disappeared when the fucking began. It felt so good I was sure the condom had broken. I actually checked. Nope. I was still all covered and still the pussy was divine. No idea what made her special. Just upside. There was the gorgeous young lady at an upscale club who fucked me without either of us so much as hinting at anything more than a handjob. I thought she was just teasing me by pulling her g-string aside and touching her pussy to my prick. Imagine how it felt when she just impaled herself on my exploding cock. Upside. (Read my Tuscl article: Uncovered. Unexpected.) Or the blazing hot, nearly naked Latina who, for some reason, crossed the bar, passed countless other hopefuls, pointed her finger at me and indicated I should follow. That image of her perfect ass I as I followed will never leave me. Neither will the image of her holding me in her hand, pointing it at her pussy, and lowering that fine butt into my lap and onto my cock. Upside. (Read my Tuscl article: Blowjobs on Christmas.) And more ... Yet the upside is rare. The odds are against it. It's the law of life, of math and of mongering that most of our experience will be average. The truth is most girls aren't that good at this. The tragedy is too many dancers, addled by drugs and bad circumstances, are worse at this than we would hope. It all factors into the average. I'm not dissuaded though. I know, like the casino or the lottery, the odds doesn't favor the player. Doesn't matter. The player knows he can't win if he doesn't play.


Fabulous article. Finally read through all ur articles from 2020 all the way through to 2024 - Fun to read about the oral plus you also must have a great oral skill combined with the written skills :D
5 months ago
Thanks for a great read. Not sure why uniquename is so against what you wrote -- it's an article without identifying any dancers or any clubs. . . .
5 months ago
Excellent write up. Miss the days at the pig and dirty bird.
5 months ago
LOL a fine article that reminds me of many “upside” experiences of my own. Absolutely more downside or neutral times, but when the thunder is flowing it’s worth it 50x. You, sir, are a true PL in the highest sense.
5 months ago
" not an article. should be a discussion" . there I said it. I don't understand why you're so hard on many other people that submit articles... by the way, this is an excellent article, very well written. the rest of us aren't a gifted writer as you.
4 months ago
Excellent article. Only wish that the % of upsides in real life were as high as in your article.
4 months ago
@Sgrayeff Pics and Vids or it didn’t happen. What are the odds of a baby Shrayeff out there from all the unprotected activities? Good Times, Good Times. :D
4 months ago
There is certainly an up-side to mongering, to strip-clubbing, and to pay-for-play. First, the pussy you pay for is usually cheaper than the pussy you get for free. I did not make it up but it's definitely true. Second of all, you are not necessarily paying for the pussy, you're paying for her to go away at the end of the experience. Whether it's a lapper or full service or a recurring ATF-luvv-affair in which you pathetically abase yourself at the feet of her perfection, if it's something having to do with a stripper, then you can be assured, you can immediately and permanently walk away with literally no repercussions. You choose the duration, as long as the funds last, and close it off at your intended moment. For someone of my mindset, this all seems to work out nicely. I know that other people have other instincts and other desires, but for me, in my phase of life, with my predilections and natural curiosities, it's like this -- there is absolutely no reason to think that sex will be good with the average civilian, no matter how beautiful (and I don't generally pull the most beautiful girl in the room, ain't got 'game' like that) and there is every reason to believe that a professional will likely have more professional skills than a non-professional. (Gee when ya put it like that it almost seems reasonable.) So I figure, sex is for sex workers and marriage with civilians is for raising children, and since I don't want to raise children, I don't want to be dating civilians with an eye toward marriage, and therefore I really only want to be dating civilians for the legitimate entertainment value. Is she good at art history? Great, I'll go to the museum and learn something. Then it's her job to beg to suck my dick if she really wants another date, and she probably doesn't want one that bad and if she does then it's a question of how good she is at sucking my dick, but really, I don't have very high expectations since, duh, she's not a professional. Ultimately I think the desire to date, have a partner, be involved in (non-sex-work-related) romantic relationships, is simply a desire to fit in to general society's dictates. All the excellent good-times stories here are stories about how good a professional is, at being professional. Good for her. That's all I have to offer, I just thought I'd go off on an anti-social rant for the sake of ranting, thank you for not throwing peanuts at the monkey.
Book Guy
a month ago
🌌 Interesting Upside Article. You Never Know What Strippers Can Surprise You With & The Situations We Encounter Is Endless.
18 days ago
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