Glory Box: Stripper Song Memories

Monday, October 24, 2016 12:00 AM
I was working late Sunday night and had my iTunes playlist running. A song I hadn't heard in a long while, "Glory Box" by Portishead, came on. Suddenly, my life flashed back to that nude club in Anaheim, CA where I wasted a late afternoon one day in 1996, which is when I probably first heard that song. It was a Latina dancer, I don't know if she was particularly hot, I don't remember if she did a lap dance for me, but she was indeed nude, and that was like the slowest but coolest stripper song ever. My mind flashed forward to the mid-2000s and my occasional forays into the Crystal City Restaurant in Arlington, VA, basically a local restaurant with go-go dancers in pasties. During that era I was still traveling to Dubai, where of course the Russian/Ukrainian/Krgyz and Chinese gals at the hotel bars, drinking their beers with straws, provided OTC. So back then, strip clubs for me were like a remnant of the uptight old U.S...... The CCR had no lap dances but Interestingly, had one of the best DJ's in any club, who could mix up some really good rock (no "Girls Girls Girls" here) with classic 70s and 80s slow-burning R & B.....and of course I remembered them playing "Glory Box", while a gorgeous blonde gal in a pink mesh something sailed around the pole and proceeded to remove her pink mesh stripper dress thingie. I remember it was during kind of a dark period after both my parents had died and some things were going on in my job, so it kind of hit me pretty hard, especially since at that place the girls would get a tip, maybe squeeze your shoulder and say thank you, and then vanish in back, the sound of her Lucite heels clicking across the floor and disappearing into the darkness. So the song became about that blonde in the pink mesh stripper dress thingie who got away. I remember downloading the song shortly thereafter, where it remains in my collection. The third time I heard the song in a club was maybe a year or so ago at the Millstream in Baltimore, during one of my always memorable 30 minute sessions in the cabana with Rosie. It was only once that the DJ played it, but I always associate the song with her, because I had not heard at a strip club since, or anywhere until it poured out of my desk speakers this evening. It is probably the one song out of thousands and thousands in my collection that I associate exclusively with a stripper. I haven't seen Rosie in a long time, as I don't get up to Baltimore anymore. Maybe I should text her to find out how she's doing and that I'm still alive. Anybody else have a song reminding you of your favorite stripper, or even club?


  • Jascoi
    8 years ago
    girls girls girls at Sams after dark downtown LA.
  • Papi_Chulo
    8 years ago
    Don't have any w/ strong associations; but: 1) Girls Girls Girls (Motly Crue) - my first-ever SC; Solid Gold in North Miami that now goes by Deans Gold - they would play Girls Girls Girls during the dancer showcase when all the dancers came out on stage in single file (about 50 of them) - it was cool b/c that song starts w/ the sound of a Harley motorcycle - so as soon as one heard the sound of the Harley you knew the pussy-parade was coming and the girls would hit he stage on-cue as soon as the sound of the music started - it was a really nice fit and this was back in 1991 when rock was in vogue 2) Hotel California is one of my all-time fave songs (how can it not be) - obviously not SC music to dance to - but one late night at a SC after having done 2 VIPs w/ a semi-fave; we were sitting on a sofa in the main-room in the "afterglow" of our 2 nut-busting VIP sessions - it was about 15 minutes b/f closing time which was at 5 a.m. - we were just chilling on a sofa kinda embraced and the DJ was playing slow songs to wind down the last 15 minutes till the club closed and on came Hotel California and it just really hit that chill spot and was a fave song I'd never thought I'd hear in a SC
  • steve3000
    8 years ago
    Glory Box is a great song. Have not heard it in a club (yet). I recall hearing Smooth (Santana/Rob Thomas) for the first time in a strip club. Summer of 1999, 2001 Odyssey in Tampa. Soon afterwards that song was all over the radio. A good song that just oozes sexiness. The right girl could really make that song work on stage. Whenever I hear it, I recall that brief visit to Tampa. And related to two comments above - I recall hearing Hotel California at the Millstream Inn a handful of years ago. It was definitely weird to hear that song since it wasn't typical for a strip club, but it was a laid-back afternoon. A handful of customers and dancers, mostly bellied up to the bar. As the song went on, I looked around to see an increasing number of barflies start to mouth the words. I recall Kathy (a dancer) even singing out loud a bit. It was kind of a weird, communal experience. Sadly, Kathy passed away a year or so after that. Some songs really get attached to memories...
  • Roadworrier
    8 years ago
    Steve, at Millstream I used to see Chelsea (now in NC) actually sing along to tunes and occasionally lip sync on stage. Usually rock tunes. She still likes classic rock and blues. Always cool.
  • 3LeggedMan
    8 years ago
    I remember a large black dancer at Millstream that loved to dance to Du Hast. That's an image burned in my brain.
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