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Favorite Club: Pulse of Peoria<br> <br> 3-Legged Man's ATF HALL OF FAME:<br> Contains 7 girls, each one an ALL-TIME FAVE for me in my area until they retired or moved away....<br> <br> 1: RUBY @ Scarlett's in Chicago. Great times spent with this lovely Puerto Rican. Left to join the Army Reserve, then went thru law school on the GI bill money. Was sent to Afghanistan, married a soldier. I miss her.<br> 2: NINA @ Blackjack's in Elgin, formerly DEVIN @ Heavenly Bodies in Elk Grove Village. Adorable tiny Filipina. I read that she retired in 2011, and then came back to work at Blackjack's in 2012. Sweet girl... amazing tongue (see my avatar)<br> 3: KATARINA @ Kappa Kabanna in Kappa, very hot half-Mexican. Her DFK will never be forgotten. As she suddenly appeared at Kappa after years at Skybox, she just as suddenly vanished. Rumor has it she's in Vegas. If anyone knows her, I'd appreciate a PM. She once told me that her mother was also a dancer, having worked at Heavenly Bodies in the 70's or 80's with the stage name of Peaches. Small world!<br> 4: MISSY @ Pulse in Peoria, gorgeous non-stereotypical African American dancer with cute little booty and tatas. Made me very happy. Has now moved away to parts unknown. Replaced at Pulse by pair of hot AA spinners. Both have cute petite figures and give awesome VIP treatment. One or both are under consideration for being ATF #5. 5: UNIQUE @ Pulse. ANYA @ Silver Bullet. Sisters, sImilar in physical attributes to Missy, the two dancers mentioned in the discussion of Missy. Unique now dances at Fluffers, I think. Anya is in Atlanta. Both very pretty.