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I was born in the mid 1980's, and I entered this hobby in the late part of the first decade of the 21st century. I do not drink. I live in central Texas. For the purposes of protecting the dancers, the clubs, the patrons, and the entire hobby in general, I prefer to be discreet, even in these anonymous reviews. For that reason, you will not find explicit details of certain acts in my reviews. Hopefully, we can all be discreet in our reviews for these same reasons. For example, I might write something like, "I went to [such and such a club], met with a great [blonde/Hispanic/etc.] dancer, took her up to the VIP/champagne room, and was very happy with the $200 I spent." See? I have said nothing incriminating, I have implicated no one by name, yet I have still given good information to people considering whether or not they might have a similar experience. These reviews are based on a certain level of trust, anyway. We trust that the other reviews reflect an accurate description of that patron's experience. Just the same, I hope that you can trust me when I say that, for me at least, it was worth the $200 in the VIP room at this club, without my explaining anything further.