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Obviously, I haven't been active on the discussion boards since around February 2011, mostly because I've been busy with many other things in my life. I don't currently plan on returning to the board anytime soon, but I will continue to share reviews on strip clubs that I go to. Feel free to PM me for more info, if you're not an asshole...lol... I don't post in scat's topics (or Dougster/Bobby-boy's or mitciv/RapturousOne/divadiver's topics either) as trolls like them don't need the encouragement. I encourage you all to do the same! mitciv also has a nasty habit of threatening to cyber-stalk you when you consistently challenge his Right-wing sock puppet messages. In fact, I just totally ignore all of Dougster/Bobby-boy's & mitciv/RapturousOne/divadiver's troll comments - Internet Trolls tend to get bored after a while & leave if not given the attention that a troll craves. I also skim (at best) all of jablake's & sharkhunter/c-guy's rambling posts. Both of them are off of their rockers IMHO...