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    9 years ago
    Saying No
    I usually say "Not now, thank you...I'll let you know if I change my mind". This gets the message across, but leaves the door open for later.
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    10 years ago
    Seattle, Washington
    A Strip Club's Second Life
    I went into a strip club the other day...thought it may have been a fire house at one time, with all the poles.
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    13 years ago
    Cut out the left pocket of my microfiber slacks?
    I just unzip. Works for me.
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    13 years ago
    Whats the best compliment you've given a dancer?
    I told a dancer that she had a pretty smile. She said she's usually complimented on obvious things such as nice boobs or ass. She ended up sitting with me for most of my stay.
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    6 years ago
    Anywhere there are Titties.
    What Makes a Good Strip Club Review?
    I use the reviews to look for clubs that are easy to get to (if you are going to a town you have never been), their parking lot is well lit (at night) and has security. I also use the reviews for the drink, lap dance and vip prices. Helps to know which girls to seek out and which ones to avoid.