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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 11:51 PM
Just curious if anybody ever goes when the clubs host special events. Obviously, we go for the dancers and the girls, but the other reasons. Whether it is a Boxing Match, the Super Bowl, New Years, theme nights(Luau, sports, halloween), club anniversary parties, golf course charity events, dancer turned waitress night, girl on girl night, wet-shirt contest (which I didn't understand at an all-nude club), etc.


Figured I should answer my own question: I have gone occasionally for a boxing/MMA fight if it is on PPV and I don't get it (yeah it would be cheaper to pay PPV then go to the club where I am bound to get dances, but still it's fun). I would like to go to one of the charity golf events, but I have never played golf in my life, so I don't think that would be as much fun.
16 years ago
I'm with you - a wet T-shirt contest at an all-nude claim seems silly. But my regular place has one every Sunday nite. Never been there. I did go the club's 21st anniversary party. I've been a pretty regular customer since they opened, so I felt obligated. Except for the decorations, it was pretty much a normal evening. They did have a featured porn star, but I find features generally boring. I like the house girls.
16 years ago
Only once, to a Christmas party that my favorite barmaid asked me to attend. It was nothing special, other than almost all the girls were working that evening.
16 years ago
Were their male stripers at any clubs in the area . lol . know some gals . that came home from a weekend all fired up. And fun as hell well you get it.
7 years ago
If I do it is a complete accident. I never go to one of these events on purpose. If there is a sporting event I want to watch, I will go somewhere I can watch it uninterrupted. If I were to go to a strip club to watch it, I would constantly be distracted by tits and ass (not that there's anything wring with that). :-)
7 years ago
I'll go for UFC events, mostly. Now, those are the main times I go (excluding my recent trips to AW as I get used to central PA). The events occur often enough that I can schedule my SC visits around them and sufficiently get my fix in. Tootsies has the sports bar section, so I watch the fights over there and then head back to the main club afterwards. Savannah's doesn't, so I just watch the fights in the club. Last time, though, the fights didn't end until 1:15 and the club closes at 2. Assuming it's the same and the club is as bad as it was last time, I may just leave when the fights end.
7 years ago
Holy blast from the past batman!
7 years ago
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