Sunday, April 21, 2024 6:41 PM
Well, lookie 'dere, it's Book Guy here. I haven't really participated in TUSCL for a while but my life took a turn sideways and I'm attending strip clubs again. So I rant and rave a bit. This weekend I went to my local favorite and was pleased to discover a girl who really turns my crank. I went on Friday not expecting much, mostly the girls were a bit above the quality of what I have learned to expect at that location and at that time. But I found this one, and she just really checked all the boxes for me. I was pretty well and truly drunk and got dances with her, and we just kept going and going. I didn't over-spend, I didn't regret any amount that I did spend, and I went back on Saturday to see her again. And she was boring. And a bit pathetic. The old adage still applies, mongers: the appeal of a stripper lasts only as long as her perfume on your clothes. The second night wasn't ALL bad, just MOSTLY bad. Her tits seem (to my preferences) to be JUST RIGHT and the rest of her body is SPINNER and her dances are high contact of the right kind and the right level of interpersonal connection. I would go with her again, and I would recommend that anyone do the same, though I certainly can't necessarily say that she's the BEST in that club or in my life or anything like that. On the second night I did take her for more dances, and the second night's dances were just as good as the first night's dances, and she even upped the ante by discussing private room and extras, which I didn't experience, but mostly I was like, well, ya know, it's a dancer and I'm a PL and that's the whole story. I account for the disparity with these two obvious nouns: 1. NOVELTY. 2. ALCOHOL. Glad to be back in the proper swing. Further discussion of your experiences welcome.


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