I want thick dancers in Socal

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 9:37 PM
I have been to a number of clubs, most so cal clubs don’t have thick dancers by thick I mean big titts and a fat ass with some meat is fine too. The only ones I’ve seen are in Vegas but that’s because they have 1000s of girls a week. And advice on where to find thicker girls?


@Bigurlluvboobs I will play along and comment on your discussion. In my humble opinion and limited experience, you have to go to “urban” clubs to find “phat” girls. For example: Nicola’s Gentlemen’s Club Topless, they serve alcohol in East LA Sam’s Hofbrau Topless, they serve alcohol in Downtown Rio Gentlemen’s Club Topless, they serve alcohol in Harbor Gateway east of LAX You can also try the strip clubs in the City of Industry you might find one or two of your liking. And remember Pics and Vids or it didn’t happen. :D
a month ago
Bliss in city of industry and Sahara in Anahiem.
a month ago
Have you tried throwing in Olive Garden gift certificates with your tips?
a month ago
I suppose going all the way to Tijuana is not an option for you? There's plenty of voluptuous women there.
a month ago
Try the parking lot at Mickey Dee’s
a month ago
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