Thursday, April 11, 2024 1:15 PM
Are the annual golf outings some of the nicer strip clubs sponsor worth participating in? Do the strippers ride around in golf carts with the golfers? Do the strippers work as your caddy? Does anyone have experience with these?


Rachels in West Palm used to do this, some of the other South Florida clubs also had golf tournaments, but I haven't heard of one since the begining of covid in 2020.
a month ago
Golf is already difficult, and there is no need to add in not being able to look at the ball.
a month ago
Some golf courses are reluctant to host such events. I know of a course that discovered the strippers providing "shaft stiffening" services on some of the more remote parts of the course. The course refused to host the event on the following year.
a month ago
whenever i watch pga tourneys on tv i always check out to see if there are any women spectators. i noticed that within the last 10-15 years there the amount that are what i consider good looking is gradually increasing every year. before that you would be lucky to see maybe two or three. if tiger woods was at his prime right now there wouldn't have been any urges to bang those girls from those perkins eateries.
a month ago
I’ve been involved in some of these in the past but it’s been over a decade. Some used to get a little raunchy (I’m not complaining) lots of girls flashing for tips, everyone is drunk, I’m sure someone arranged a BJ somewhere during the tourney at some point.
a month ago
I have heard the same things about Golf events. That some courses will not allow strip clubs because of extra activities that happen or have happened or perceived as of happening. To what rattdog was saying.... [view link] And other "models" on insta or OF are turning towards golf. Look at Paige Spiranac and others. They make more money dressing skimpy or possible nude and selling OF's or they do it on insta and get sponsorship type stuff.
a month ago
The couple I've been to (US) have been pretty tame. The girls ride on their own carts in packs selling jello shots and other drinks, accepting tips, sometimes allowing naughty pictures. Saw them 3 times over the course of 18 holes. It's not like a 5 hour lap dance in the golf cart occasionally interrupted by golf! Now, in one case the ticket also included an "after party" elsewhere which was considerably higher mileage (for additional cost pay-as-you-go) but incredibly crowded. Would I do it again? Yeah, probably, I don't have much else going on in my life.
a month ago
Club 390 in Chicago Heights has a golf outing, although the course is in the middle of nowhere and next to a residential area. The strippers ride with the golfers and get drunk. It's mostly just another long golf outing. The experience really depends on the stripper and how well you know each other.
a month ago
Cheetah has one down here, its in June I think. If memory serves I saw a poster in the bathroom last time I was there. I've been. I'm a god awful golfer. To answer the questions, yes they do have strippers who'll ride around and be your Caddy. The event was pretty tame though, it's not like the girls are running around naked or giving you lap dances on the course or anything. The girls wear the same sort of outfits they do for all their promotional appearances, like football games, boat shows, etc. Usually some little short shorts and a tight little t-shirt with the club name or a major sponsor on it. They don't pay the girls much, so they expect to be tipped pretty considerably.
a month ago
they never live up to the hype and most strippers leave early so they are sure not to go home with the players
a month ago
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