Trip Report 2/12- 2/14 (A bunch of "firsts" and some heads-ups)

Saturday, February 17, 2024 1:12 AM
I decided to make a 2.5 day trip the day after the Super Bowl because a month ago I noticed on my calendar that my Sentri appointment was coming. I had postponed my first appointment and it is about a year wait for the appointment (I will make another thread on on Sentri experience). First off - Heads-up - there is a bunch of major construction in Cascadas right now. Seems like all floors affected so I didn't see a place to escape the noise. This is major drilling, cutting, construction, not renovations like painting. I got my room and initially I thought I got a room right next to the construction, it was loud but it did quiet down and after 5pm, it had stopped until early morning. Showered, headed down to HK as I have never been there on a Monday (3:00pm). It was pretty empty of patrons, You could sit anywhere. There were plenty of ladies dancing and around so it felt really different than nights and weekends. I sat upstairs by the railing to check out all the talent, had drinks and met a bunch of ladies. Eventually decided to enjoy more time with one beauty upstairs. A first for me as I met up with a major contributor OPIllini for dinner at Azuls. I have always just ate and been solo so this was fun to be able to talk with someone for a change. I learned a lot from OPIllini, cool guy. I later ran into him upstairs in HK the next day so it was great to chat in the club. Tuesday morning, had to go back over the border for the Sentri interview. This was the first time I used Pedwest and it was a much better, organized experience than East (will write in another thread). Once back got showered and went down in the afternoon on Tuesday and it was similar to Monday, easy to find booths to sit, drink and watch. Another first for me was I met others just sitting up there since it was so quiet, we ended up talking getting some drinks and watching, having a good time. When "his lady" came, I just wished him a good time and moved booths to give them their time. Later he came back down and looked for me to share info on the ladies and other things. It was cool. I went back Tuesday night hit (after 8pm) and it was crowded again. The booths upstairs were now reserved and filled with patrons. I usually drink beers in HK, not to the point where I'm drunk but I do heed other's advice and not walk outside much if I do drink. Yet this time was a first for me, I did to the Gold Palace in back across from Azuls and when I went it was and 5pm so it there wasn't much going on yet. Later, also for the first time I walked into the "Massage" place to the right of Tropical and the Taco window. There were about 5-6 ladies in there. I left and I guess they have two entrances and the I talked with the girl up front at another entrance. We had a drink. I have not met a working girl who could speak English so well. Her use of words was like a vixen. We were talking about different languages and she asked how to do say "I want to fuck you". Later she said, he just got into work just now so she is really horny. She was attractive yet she was smart (so I had my guard up) and a great salesperson but I wasn't into the setup because you have to pay $40 for the room and $130 for her time. I believe it is for an hour though so not that bad now thinking. Initially I was thinking, why pay for a room when I have one already. I got her number, we texted about meeting to afterwards and I will probably go back to visit next month. Yeah, I will probably go back next month in mid March 11th even though I am fully aware of the sunk costs fallacy but since I got the VIP card and will have Sentri card, I wanted to use the benefits like an idiot knowing full well that there isn't much value there. Last major Heads-up - I almost missed my flight even though I got onto the bus from the Blue line transfer with still an hour before the flight because there is major construction at the airport and they closed all but 2 lanes. This left traffic that didn't seem to move all the way down Harbour by the USS Midway attraction. It was about a 35 minute bus ride. My advice, until construction at the airport is complete, check traffic in that area for your timing versus guessing if there is traffic or not.


Good information. A heads up for you, getting your Sentri card or Global Access card that allows you to use the Sentri line?
3 months ago
If I knew Global Access would allow me to use the Sentri like, I would have gotten that because you could interview at local major airports. I saw nothing about Global Access having that benefit in regards going up front to the Sentri line so I went that route. What was weird, this trip I entered Mexico two different days and both days coming into Mexico, there wasn't anyone checking passports, I walked straight to the baggage scanner and then I was in. OPIllini experienced the same days before I arrived so getting in was a easy as just walking though the customs building.
3 months ago
I added this to your other thread about a Sentri interview but thought it might be useful here also: Global Entry is better than Sentri, since that includes quick entry to the USA thru ALL border crossing points, not just from Mexico. However, Nexus is even better since it includes All USA and all Canadian entry points in addition to all Mexican entry points, plus it is less expensive than GE or Sentri.
3 months ago
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