Road Trip from Harrisburg PA to Kansas | Seeking Fully Nude Club Recs

Tuesday, January 2, 2024 7:00 PM
I’ve got a monster drive coming up from Harrisburg PA to Kansas. I am looking to make stops at fully nude clubs with good stage shows (where women are getting fully nude during their stage sets). Some cities along my drive include: Wheeling, West Virginia Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Indianapolis, IN I haven’t seen much in my research for fully nude options in these cities/states, so I wanted to throw it out here. Happy to veer a bit off route depending on the club. I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, Dan


  • stainglass
    7 months ago
    Akron (OH) - Based on relentless research here, this has been mentioned as a good place for lower cost, but yet VHG / UHG offerings. Looks like this might beat the majority of other options.... good luck for ur own research sg
  • Muddy
    7 months ago
    I really like Diamond club in Sauget right across the river from St. Louis.
  • whodey
    7 months ago
    Not a lot of good strip clubs along the way for your trip in my experience. Like stainglass mentioned Akron has a lot of options for full nude but they are mostly dive bars without much of a stage show that focus mainly on extras in the private dances. The talent level also leaves a lot to be desired. If you are going to detour through NE Ohio I would suggest Palace in the Pines instead of the Akron clubs, but I'm not sure either are worth the detour. If you do go to Palace in the Pines you'll want to go around back to the Royalty Room since the front club is full alcohol but not fully nude while the Royalty Room around back is full nude with no alcohol. Wheeling, West Virginia - only clubbed here a few times. I know Jill's was full nude in the private dances with good mileage but I don't remember much as far as the stage show so I'm not sure if it was full nude or if it was any good. If you want an interesting stage show in WV check out Lil Vegas where they do a stage show where you rub lotion all over the dancers before sticking dollar bills on them. I think it was about an hour or hour and a half from the Wheeling area so it may be too far out of the way for your trip. Columbus, OH - The only full nude club in Columbus is RoadHouse Revue which is a dive bar. The dancers get full nude on stage, but it isn't a high energy party vibe at all. The stage show basically consists of the girls going up to each tipper and spreading for them up close and personal. The timed vip dances are pretty good with nice mileage but no extras. They do keep odd hours so check their website for their hours before you go for a visit. Overall I would recommend Columbus Gold or Vanity as better options, but neither are full nude. Dayton, OH - only full nude club I know of is Diamonds and they do a great high energy stage show with a party vibe to the club. The downsides are they are a members only club so you have to buy a membership (fill out a form with your info and I'd check along with membership fee) and they use fake Diamond Bucks for tips and as change at the bar. While it isn't full nude I would recommend Cheeks as an overall better club, it still isn't a great club but it is the best left in Dayton after several better clubs have shut down over the past decade. Indianapolis, IN - haven't been since around 2019 so things may have changed. I don't recall any of the clubs being full nude, best clubs in my opinion would be Brad's Brass Flamingo and Club Rio, but again my info may be outdated here.
  • shailynn
    7 months ago
    Can you go the north route across the Ohio turnpike? If you manage to go through Toledo the good Detroit clubs are 1 hour off the turnpike at Toledo. Not sure how many stops you have to make or your timeframe but you can do Harrisburg to Detroit in a day. I’ve done it a million times. It’s a long but easy drive only bad part is around Pittsburgh and the Ohio/PA border where traffic can get a little bogged down now and then. There is not good quick route from Columbus to Detroit, that is a miserable drive. Been there, done that.
  • LVclubber
    7 months ago
    No fully nude in Indy. Brad's Brass Flamingo is a good choice for good dances in the various VIP options. Still no full on nudity. OTC is on some girls' menus. Not on others. If you are just stoping through, Sauget in Illinois across the river from St. Louis is more likely for nude. Akron is pretty good for nude. But, as mentioned, dive bars mostly.
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