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Woke neo-Communist extremism pervasive at the NSA

Sun Nov 19 2023
The National Security Agency has been promoting the most radical fringes of woke ideology, especially the baseless conspiracy theory that whites are somehow "privileged" despite there not having been a single discriminatory law anywhere in America for over three full generations against any non-white group, newly public documents reveal...


Thanksgiving dinner for you at the table must be a laugh a minute...
*"with you", rather.
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3 months ago
@Call.Me.Ishmael, OP isn't verified, has 0 reviews, and 161 discussions, all right-wing propaganda. I'm guessing there isn't a thanksgiving table for him to go to, he's probably a bot
Oh, no . . .
This is worse than the Daylight Saving Time outrage. 😫

Guess we are doomed, doomed I say

Blow jobs while we wait for doom is good though 🙃
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3 months ago
This is when at Thanksgiving Dave’s parents make him sit at the kids table in the other room. Only issue is there’s only 3 people at the house for Thanksgiving. Dave, his mom and his dad.
6 reply posts to the OP being a right wing bot and/or no good at thanksgiving. One or both may be true. What the OP said is also true (very long time fed gov contractor). And it is very widespread throughout depts/agencies all about the fed gov. That’s not important to the above 6, hey you do you, but it certainly should be important to most others.
Damn Dave aluminum foil is cheaper then ever get some to line your hat, before the Jewish Space Lasers get you
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3 months ago
Which leads to the most important question……. Do you tent or not tent your turkey
That little red hat must be on too tight again.
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