San Francisco this weekend

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 5:40 AM
I'll be in San Francisco on a weekend just after APEC. Anybody have information on the current scene within the last 6 months? I'll be within walking distance of North Beach clubs. Hustler is the normal spot, but open to trying anything out if you've had a positive experience.


Jaybud not within the last 6 months but you want to check Deju Vu Centerfolds at least. I had some real good times there. If get into VIP it's like a bed. I hooked up a couple times with a girl there that looked like Jordan Brewster, truly a very hot experience. They have different deals different days of the week. I forget what days are what though. Also extrasy is the Crazy Horse but the homeless situation in that area is absolutely insane. And then you got Garden of Eden on Broadway, I haven't hit that one, but I heard the talent is a little lesser there. And one of the hottest girls I ever met offered to suck my dick at whatever Vanity after Dark used to be, (but for a price that made me decline) I forget now what it was called but I don't know if that still has the same rules though. Gold club had awesome dayshift so many pretty girls but I think they stopped doing dayshift because of the decline of downtown San Francsico.
6 months ago
Thanks Muddy!
6 months ago
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