Banned from Seeking

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 3:03 AM
There have been relevant discussions before, but I never thought it would happen to me and I think I’ve been wrongly accused. I think my account was hacked. I noticed some strange quirks on my account a few days ago. Specifically, the search parameters were frequently changed without me changing them. For example, the search locations were changed to New South Wales, Australia. That is so absurd that I presumed the site was having problems, not just my account. I also started seeing partial discussions where women that I had not messaged seemed to be responding to comments I could not see and which may have been of questionable or rude tone. I have always been careful not to break the seeking rules, and frankly it is not my style to be rude or offensive. Anyway, within a day of this starting I was suddenly unable to log in to the site with a response to the login attempt only a statement that the account had been deleted. I sent an inquiry to the site and received only a boilerplate response that the account had been permanently deleted, and please see the Terms and Conditions. And, btw, don’t bother trying to contact us again, we will not respond. Ok, whatever, I had recently found a potential SB whose only fault is that she’s a bit expensive. But, she checks all the other boxes so I’m content. But, I’m curious. I am not at all computer/software/website/internet savvy. Is it possible that my account was hacked and I’m paying for the sins of another?


Yes it is possible. Especially if you have an obvious password or reuse the same username and password combination on many sites.
7 months ago
Yes. Very possible. The time to change your password and use two-factor authentication was the moment you started seeing account irregularities.
7 months ago
(1) use hidemyemail email address or similar for signup, (2) use VPN and if needed connect to a different city server when connecting (3) if it requires a phone number use a google voice number (4) use Keychain or similar password manager app. Let it select your unique extreme passwords, biometric will mostly all you’ll need after first login. Likely someone got your credentials because, likely, you were reusing a password. Password dBs have been hacked quite a lot. If you are reusing passwords it was likely a simple front door attack by seeing your password on a list. BOL…
7 months ago
I belive the proper TUSCL word is "band" not "banned". Geez...learn how to juice (RIP)
7 months ago
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